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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

DreamW3000Hist.wav -Explain to her will you? It's going to be pretty difficult undoing 3000 years of history, but I'll try.- Grant/Kerr

DreamW3Months.wav - Three months. Do you realize that's 90 days? Do you know how many hours that is? Well, neither do I but it must be an awful lot.- Grant

DreamWAlone.wav -Why don't we go somewhere and be alone?- Grant

DreamWAmerWomen.wav -You American women.- Franz

DreamWAnyWayTruely.wav - I don't see any other way, truly I don't.- Kerr

DreamWAsking.wav -Are you serious? Hhhmmm. Are you asking as a woman, or a member of the state department?- Kerr/Grant

DreamWAvgMan.wav -You mean you've forgotten something? I'm a selfish monster, I'm foolish, arrogant...In other words you're just an average man. Oh.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWBadaBani.wav -Bada Bani- Kerr

DreamWBadaBani2.wav - Bada Bani- Grant

DreamWBeAlone.wav - I thought we'd never be alone.- Grant

DreamWBeenWhat.wav - You've been what?- Grant

DreamWBegPardon.wav - I beg your pardon.- Grant

DreamWBonzo.wav - Now lie down Bonzo, it's feeding time.- Kerr

DreamWBored.wav - I hope I haven't bored you with any of it.- Grant

DreamWCatchesEveryth.wav - Here Katan Katach. That fellow catches everything, except pneumonia.- Grant

DreamWCinch.wav -Oh, this is going to be a cinch.- Grant

DreamWCondense1st.wav - It's ready now but I think it would be better to condense it first.- Kerr

DreamWConvention.wav - What is this, a convention?- Grant

DreamWCrazy.wav - Oh man, this is crazy!-= date one

DreamWDancin.wav - Get your coat honey, we're goin' dancin'- Sailor date

DreamWDefinitePlan.wav - Now we haven't been able to make a definite plan since we met.- Grant

DreamWDelight.wav - That's a delightful custom, by all means.- Grant

DreamWDoAllThat.wav - Why are you doing all that?- Grant

DreamWDoAtAll.wav - Oh now, that won't do at'all!- Grant

DreamWDoll.wav - I'll get to you later. Where's the doll?- second date

DreamWDontLikeIt.wav - Well, I don't like it.- Grant

DreamWDontTempt.wav -Don't tempt me.- Grant

DreamWEatHat.wav - And if that's the junior matron's needlepoint society I'll eat my hat.- Kerr

DreamWFirstFirst.wav - First things first. Right.- Kerr/Grant

DreamWFirstFirst2.wav - But first things first.- Grant

DreamWForgetDifficult.wav - Well, forget I did it. That won't be difficult.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWFreeWoman.wav -Doublecrosser! Coward! I thought you were a free woman? What about Amilia Bloomer? Doesn't she mean anything to you? Well. Well, what can you expect from a woman? You're weak helpless and nothing but trouble. And that goes for all of you. Harriet Beecher Stowe. She wrote about slaves didn't she? Well sure takes one to know one. She great woman. She write Uncle Tom's Cabin. Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony fight for woman's vote. And that not all, carry country. Carry nation. Carry nation. Silence! I will not silence, I free woman.- Grant/St.John/Franz

DreamWFunnier.wav - No, no, let's wait for something funnier.- Grant

DreamWGetSomewh.wav - Well, now we're getting somewhere.- Grant

DreamWGoingUp.wav - Do you have any immediate plans? Yes, I'm going up.- Reporter/Grant

DreamWHatPrizes.wav -Well, they're the most ridiculous hats I've ever seen. They all look like cracker jack prizes.- Grant

DreamWHaveItOut.wav - Oh now please. Let's not get into that again. We are in it. We might as well have it out.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWHereWeGo.wav - Uhp, here we go.- Grant

DreamWHousekeepers.wav - You're not going to give me that Amelia Bloomer, Harriet Beecher Stowe routine? What's wrong with them? They were probably lousy housekeepers.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWHowDareU.wav - How dare you?- Kerr

DreamWIKnowIKnow.wav -Hmm, I know, I know.- Grant

DreamWILikeIt.wav - I like it.- Kerr

DreamWImportMin.wav - Now hear this, and hear it good. This is only going to take a minute but it may be the most important minute in our lives.- Grant

DreamWInChg.wav - And I'm in charge Clem. Whether you like it or not, I am in charge! Yes, yes.- Kerr/Grant

DreamWInMindAnyth.wav - What exactly did you have in mind? Anything.- Kerr/Grant

DreamWIntIdea.wav - It's an interesting idea but we don't think it's practical. It might cause a great deal of trouble.- Kerr

DreamWKatan.wav - Katan! Well, there he goes kataning again.- Randolph/Grant

DreamWLeaveHome.wav - Next time I'll leave them at home.- Franz

DreamWLikeItDo.wav - Yes! Do you like it? Hmm I do.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWLookEveryWh.wav - Oh there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you.- Grant

DreamWMeetU.wav - I must say I'm delighted to meet you. Mustn't I?- Grant

DreamWMrsFrank.wav - Oh my goodness, she's as high as a kite. Flown by Benjamin Franklin, a man. Well, good night Mrs. Frankenstein.- Grant

DreamWNeedAny.wav - I do not need any. Do I?- Franz

DreamWNewsNothing.wav - Any terrible news? Huh? I mean, what's new? Nothing. What's new with you? Nothing. Thats interesting. We must have another nice chat sometime. Huh?- Grant/Pidgeon

DreamWNice.wav - Oh, isn't that nice!- Grant

DreamWNobody.wav -Nobody is taking noone, nowhere.- Grant

DreamWNoNo.wav - No. No.- Grant

DreamWNotThrough.wav - I'm not through.- Grant

DreamWNowMin.wav - Now, now, just a minute.- Grant

DreamWOfCourse.wav - Of course.- Kerr

DreamWOhNo.wav - Oh no!- Kerr

DreamWOhYeah.wav - Oh yeah.- Grant

DreamWOnlyGirl.wav - She is only a girl. Yes, isn't she?- Baer/Grant

DreamWPsych.wav - You are using psychology.- Franz

DreamWPutOnTakeOff.wav - You always used to ask me to put it on. What was I going to do, ask you to take it off.- Kerr/Grant

DreamWRemember.wav - Don't remember what you were going to say until I get back.- Grant

DreamWRememberGdGirl.wav -Don't remember what you were going to say until I get back. There's a good girl.- Grant

DreamWSacred.wav - Isn't anything sacred? Everything. That's what I want to talk to you about.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWSand.wav - She had to leave to take care of a crisis in the Sahara. Some of the sand was missing.- Grant

DreamWSayAgain.wav - You can say that again!- Grant

DreamWSBACook.wav - Have you ever heard of Susan B. Anthony? Can she cook?- Kerr/Grant

DreamWSeeMean.wav - Yes, I see what you mean.- Grant

DreamWSentForMe.wav - You sent for me?- Grant

DreamWShakeHands.wav - Next time lets just shake hands.- Grant

DreamWShouldntDo.wav - Ah, oh, she shouldn't do that!- Grant

DreamWSillyOx.wav - You big silly ox!- Grant

DreamWSitDown.wav - I think you'd better sit d0wn.- Kerr

DreamWSkyscraper.wav - Skyscraper? He hasn't done anything yet.- hotel manager/Grant

DreamWSoAmI.wav - So am I!- Grant

DreamWSoHaveI.wav - Oooouuu. So have I !- Grant

DreamWSound1.wav -

DreamWSound10.wav -

DreamWSound11.wav -

DreamWSound2.wav -

DreamWSound3.wav -

DreamWSound4.wav -

DreamWSound5.wav -

DreamWSound6.wav -

DreamWSound7.wav -

DreamWSound8.wav -

DreamWSound9.wav -

DreamWSpeakEnglish.wav - Oh you speak English?- Grant

DreamWStillMade.wav - I didn't know they still made them like this. -Grant

DreamWSweetHat.wav - I love your hats. You were wearing a sweet sort of airplane hat, with gumdrops hanging down.- Grant

DreamWTaking.wav - Whatever it is you're taking, don't take any more.- Bennett(I think)

DreamWTaughtMore.wav - Oh, I have a feeling I should have taught you more.- Grant

DreamWTellMeAskMe.wav - Why didn't you tell me? Well, you didn't ask me.- Grant/Kerr

DreamWThankGoodness.wav -Oh,oh,oh, thank goodness Annie.- Grant

DreamWThanks.wav - Thanks- Grant

DreamWThankU.wav - Thank you very much.- Grant

DreamWThatNec.wav - Oh well now, that isn't necessary.- Grant

DreamWToDo.wav - Isn't that what you wanted me to do?- Grant

DreamWUApprove.wav - Well, do you approve? Ruroof- Grant/Brutus

DreamWUDoingHere.wav - Now, what are you doing here?- Grant

DreamWVeryGood.wav - That's very good!- Grant

DreamWWaitMinute.wav - Now wait a minute!- Grant

DreamWWhat.wav - What?- Kerr

DreamWWhat2.wav - What?- Grant

DreamWWhatAgain.wav - What was that again?- Grant

DreamWWhatMean.wav - What does that mean?- Grant

DreamWWhee.wav - Wheee! Wheee.- St John/Grant

DreamWWhoaWaitMin.wav - Whoa, whoa, Pshht. Wait a minute.- Grant

DreamWWhyWhy.wav - Why, why, how do I know why?- Franz

DreamWWinning.wav - Whos winning?- Kerr

DreamWWomanManTakeIt.wav - Well, thank heavens I'm a woman. A man couldn't take it.- Kerr

DreamWWonder.wav - Hmm I don't wonder.- Grant

DreamWWOWords.wav - Well, it shouldn't be too difficult. One can communicate without words.- Grant

DreamWWrongIdea.wav - Don't talk like that. They'll get the wrong idea.- Grant

DreamWYesYesYes.wav - Yes, yes, yes.- Grant

Cary Grant (Clemson Reade), Deborah Kerr (Effie), Walter Pidgeon (Walter McBride), Betta St. John (Tarji)

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