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"Destination Tokyo"


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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

tokyo21.wav - The only kind of babies I want are those born 21 yrs ago.- Garfield

tokyoagaintincan.wav - Here we go again.- Clark

tokyoallthat.wav - Okay, we been through all that.- Clark

tokyobath.wav -And she looked just like she had a bath. Okay, okay. So she looked like she had a bath. And she even smelled like geraniums. So she even smelled like geraniums..then what?- Garfield/Clark

tokyobatterys.wav - We're both runnin' on batteries now. You can tell somethin' electric is going on between her and me.- Garfield

tokyobeers.wav - It'll be a long time between beers.- Grant

tokyocompact.wav - Ahhh, She was built for speed. But like I said kid...kinda compact too, like a submarine.- Garfield

tokyodate.wav - Well, this is a sort of blind date Raymond. We just have to wait and see what happens.- Grant

tokyodetour.wav - There's something screwy about this detour, or whatever it is.- YoYo

tokyodoabout.wav -Well, what did you do about it?- Clark

tokyodoes.wav - Yes he does.- Grant

tokyodoing.wav -I guess I better get back and do what I was doing.- Hutton

tokyodontouch.wav - Don't touch it!- Grant

tokyoeducation.wav -Ain't it wonderful what a college education will do?- Hale

tokyofinish.wav - Finish your job.- Grant

tokyofortitude.wav - He's got more plain intestinal fortitude than any guy I ever met.- Tully

tokyogood.wav - You can believe anything that was good.- Tully

tokyohorns.wav - diving alarm

tokyohowis.wav -Yes. I know how it is.- Grant

tokyoinfants.wav - You may be infants in the submarine service but we figure you'll be veterans by the time we make port again.- Grant

tokyokidding.wav - Who's kidding who?- Grant

tokyolike2know.wav - Now, wouldn't you like to know?- Garfield

tokyolooksee.wav - Let's go up for a looksee.- Grant

tokyolucky.wav - I couldn't be that lucky.- Grant

tokyomen.wav - You're well trained, highly selected men, and we're glad to have you aboard.- Grant

tokyonot.wav - Then again, we might not.- Grant

tokyonowhat.wav - Say, you guys know what? No, what?- Yoyo/Hale

tokyooneoftwothings.wav - Then there is still one of two things to worry about.- Hale

tokyopanc.wav - You give me a pain in the pancreas.- Prince

tokyopipes.wav -(music) Cryin' out loud! What do you think you are, the pipes of Pan?-

tokyoprayers.wav - Bet you said your prayers.- Hutton

tokyopushed.wav - I think we're all tired of getting pushed around.- Grant

tokyoquestions.wav - Any questions?- Grant

tokyoshudup.wav - Shut up.- Clark

tokyosmear.wav - Let's hope we really smear 'em this time.- Grant

tokyosweater.wav - Well, I got on my lucky sweater.- Grant

tokyouhoh.wav - UhOh- Grant

tokyovolunteer.wav - You're here because you volunteered.- Grant

tokyowar.wav - Tell him it's the war. He'll understand.- Grant

tokyoweakmind.wav - Strong arms, strong back, weak mind.- Garfield

tokyowhistle.wav - boatwhistle

tokyowhynot.wav - Why not?- Grant

tokyowings.wav - Say fellas, how are we gonna get into Tokyo Bay? Why Tommy, the Copperfin just naturally sprouts wings. We fly right over the nets and the minefield, plumb in the middle of the harbor.- Hutton/Whitney?

Cary Grant (Capt. Cassidy), John Garfield (Wolf), Alan Hale (Cookie), John Ridgely (Reserve), Dane Clark (Tin Can), Warner Anderson (Executive), William Prince (Pills), Robert Hutton (Tommy), Peter Whitney (Dakota), Tom Tully (Mike)

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