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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

CrisisAlive.wav - You'll never get out of here alive.- Grant

CrisisAllFinished.wav - All finished?- Grant

CrisisAlright.wav - You alright?- Grant

CrisisBeautifulDownLg.wav - Isn't it beautiful down there? If it's so beautiful down there, why'd they bring us way up here? Now that's one of the most logical things I've heard for quite some time.- Grant/Raymond

CrisisBegPardon.wav - I beg your pardon- Grant

CrisisBoss.wav - You're the boss.- Raymond

CrisisBrainPc.wav - Please tell them never to use that instrument on the brain again. It might suck a piece right out of the brain.- Grant

CrisisCurious.wav - Still curious?- Grant

CrisisDangerPt.wav - This is one of the points of danger.- Grant

CrisisDangExcited.wav - It's dangerous for you to get excited.- Grant

CrisisDareSayYes.wav - I wouldn't dare say yes.- Grant

CrisisDareYesLg.wav - I didn't know it showed. Do you really mind very much? I wouldn't dare say yes.- Raymond/Grant

CrisisDarling.wav - But Darling, you can hardly blame me for this revolution. But Darling, you don't have to enjoy it so.- Grant/Raymond

CrisisDefame.wav - It is easy to defame a leader. Here it is even a sport.- Hasso

CrisisDidGood.wav - You did good, very good.- Roland

CrisisDidntSay.wav - I didn't say that.- Grant

CrisisDisconnected.wav - I am disconnected.- hotel manager

CrisisDislikeX2.wav - Upon careful consideration in the cold light of morning, my dislike of you has doubled.- Grant

CrisisDollars.wav - Did you pay the man in dollars darling? yes, I paid him in dollars. I thought you were going to insist on change in dollars. No, I've given that up.- Raymond/Grant

CrisisDontKnow.wav - I don't know.- Grant

CrisisDontWant.wav - Everybody wants me to do something I don't want to do.- Ferrer

CrisisDuty.wav - Now go ahead and do your duty.- Grant

CrisisDyingToDo.wav - Now you know that's what you been dying to do all along.- Grant

CrisisEyes.wav - How long have you been having trouble with your eyes.- Grant

CrisisFeelGood.wav - Do you feel as good as I do?- Ferrer

CrisisFeeling.wav - How you feeling?- Grant

CrisisFine.wav - That's fine.- Grant

CrisisFinished.wav - You're finished.- Grant

CrisisForce.wav - Then don't do it. I've got to, I've already committed myself. What I object to is the choice wasn't mine. I dislike force of any kind, by anybody.- Raymond/ Grant

CrisisGdAfternoon.wav - And a good afternoon to you.- Grant

CrisisGenius.wav - Emilio tells me that you are a genius. Are you really one? Or is your competition so poor that you only seem one?- Ferrer

CrisisHa.wav - Ha- Grant

CrisisHangUp.wav - Would you please hang up Senor.- Grant

CrisisHappening.wav - What's happening?- Grant

CrisisHeadaches.wav - How often do you have those headaches?- Grant

CrisisHeading.wav - Well, I suppose you're anxious to know which way we're heading.- Grant

CrisisHonestCruel.wav - Women are always mistaking honesty for cruelty.- Grant

CrisisHonor.wav - In front of the world, where everybody's watching, he must do what is expected Guirmo. Honor is a great thing.- Roland

CrisisImpersonally.wav - You don't like me do you? I try to regard my patients impersonally. Can you? No!- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisIndestructible.wav - Before an operation the patient begs Doctor save me, only you can save me, Doctor. When he comes out of the anesthetic he says Thank God I pulled through. Four days later he says I'm indestructible, nothing can kill me.- Grant

CrisisInvolved.wav - Ah, it's a little more involved than that.- Grant

CrisisJokeNo.wav - You do not like my little joke? No.- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisKeptBargain.wav - I kept my end of the bargain.- Roland

CrisisLogical.wav - Now that's one of the most logical things I've heard for quite some time.- Grant

CrisisLookLike.wav - To me Doctor you do not look like a brain surgeon. No? What should I look like?- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisManTalk.wav - How would you like the woman's angle on all this? Please. Alright, it's typical after dinner man talk.- Raymond/Ames

CrisisModest.wav - I am never modest.- Grant

CrisisMomentDead.wav - So, at the moment he's dead.- Doctor

CrisisMorbidCuriousity.wav - Oh, but everybody has a morbid curiousity about these things.- Ferrer

CrisisMtMoney.wav - If the money will not come to the mountain, than the mountain will come to the money.- Ferrer

CrisisNeedCourage.wav - For this kind of a fight you do not need maps, you only need courage.- Ferrer

CrisisNeverMind.wav - Never mind.- Grant

CrisisNoContest.wav - You win. No contest.- Grant

CrisisNotBadIdea.wav - Now, that's not a bad idea.- Raymond

CrisisNoThanks.wav - No thanks.- Grant

CrisisNotMistake.wav - I'm sure of another thing. This is not a mistake.- Grant

CrisisNotUnderstand.wav - And I think you're lying when you pretend not to understand me.- Grant

CrisisNowWhy.wav - Now, Why?- Grant

CrisisObedient.wav - I am very obedient.- Ferrer

CrisisObnoxious.wav - To me he is very loyal. To me he is obnoxious.- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisPoison.wav - How do I know that isn't poison? When you wake up you'll know.- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisPrettier.wav - Did you notice how he tried to protect you? He thinks I'm prettier than you.- Raymond/Grant

CrisisRearAttack.wav - Well, it seems the enemy is attacking us from the rear. Perhaps Naral, if our soldiers turn their faces to the enemy there will be less rear to attack.- Ferrer.

CrisisRemarkable.wav - Isn't that remarkable?- Grant

CrisisReputation.wav - They know your reputation so they are honored to assist you. They also know my reputation so they are very very anxious to save my life.- Ferrer

CrisisRude.wav - That doesn't give him the right to be rude.- Grant

CrisisSameCry.wav - Same old cry, down through the ages.- Grant

CrisisSayWrongThing.wav - Did I say the wrong thing? I usually do at a time like this.- Ames

CrisisScold.wav - You're a big boy now. Everytime you disobey orders you complicate surgery. Do not scold me Doctor. My head is splitting. My eyes are playing tricks with me. You do not let me eat what I like. You forbid me wine. This morning the maid brought me my breakfast, the very pretty maid? She aroused in me nothing except disinterest.- Grant/Ferrer

CrisisSpeakEng.wav - Speak in english please.- Hasso

CrisisSpeakNo.wav - You will speak with him yes? No.- Hotel manager/Grant

CrisisSpit.wav - If a sign in a trolley car says no spitting, nobody spits. Here, they spit on the sign.- Ferrer

CrisisStartAgain.wav - Well, shall we start again?- Grant

CrisisStarting.wav - It's starting.- Grant

CrisisStillHere.wav - Shall I get you a brandy Dear? Oh, am I still here?- Grant/ Raymond

CrisisThatNotSilly.wav - That's not so silly.- Grant

CrisisThatSilly.wav - Oh, that's silly.- Grant

CrisisTooBored.wav - That thought ought to keep you from getting too bored.- Grant

CrisisTraitors.wav - I am surrounded by traitors. Do you know that Doctor? All around me nobody I can trust. Even the Savior was better off. Out of twelve only one was a traitor.- Ferrer

CrisisTrouble.wav - What's the trouble, por favor?- Grant

CrisisTrustChoice.wav - I cannot even trust myself to go to sleep. You don't trust any one else. Why should you make an exception of yourself? I trust you. Hmmm You have no other choice.- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisTrustYou.wav - How do I know I can trust you? You don't.- Ferrer/Grant

CrisisTryingToDo.wav - You're not angry are you? UhHuh.....Well, I ....Did I talk too much? Um Hum ....Well, then why didn't you shut me up? Well, that's what I'm trying to do.- Raymond/Grant

CrisisUDied.wav - Oh, it went quite well. But you died.- Grant

CrisisUDone.wav - Now what have you done?- Grant

CrisisURGoodAt.wav - You're quite good at that.- Grant

CrisisViciousStreak.wav - There's a vicious streak in you somewhere.- Raymond

CrisisWellSee.wav - We'll see.- Grant

CrisisWhat.wav - What?- Grant

CrisisWhatDone.wav - What's the trouble? What have I done?- Grant

CrisisWhatIsIt.wav - What is it?- Hasso

CrisisWhereveUBeen.wav - Where've you been all day?- Grant

CrisisWhy.wav - Why?- Grant

CrisisWhyMe.wav - Why me?- Grant

CrisisWishDr.wav - Well you know that's the first rule of being a good patient. Always wish your Doctor perfect health.- Grant

CrisisWomansAngle.wav - That woman's angle of yours, I like that.- Grant

CrisisYes.wav - Yes.- Grant

CrisisYesSet.wav - Yes. Well, come on. Are you all set?- Grant

Cary Grant (Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson), Jose Ferrer (Raoul Farrago), Paula Raymond (Helen Ferguson), Signe Hasso (Senora Isabel Farrago), Gilbert Roland (Gonzales), Leon Ames (Sam Proctor)

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