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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

CharAfraidThat.wav - I was afraid of that.-Grant

CharAllowTell.wav - We're not allowed to tell.-Grant

CharAngry.wav - Now you're angry. No. No, I'm not angry, I just have a lot of packing to do.-Hepburn/Grant

CharBelieve.wav - I don't believe it.- Hepburn

CharBite.wav - I don't bite you know...unless it's called for.- Hepburn

CharBreakdown.wav - I'm having a nervous breakdown.- Hepburn

CharComeOn.wav - Well, when you come on, you come on, don't you? Well, come on.- Grant/Hepburn

CharComeWatch.wav - Shut the door. Why? Come in and watch.- Hepburn/Grant

CharComplaining.wav - Oh, I'm not through complaining yet.- Grant

CharConfide.wav - Why don't you confide in me, and tell me what this is all about?- Grant

CharConfused.wav - I'm very confused.- Hepburn

CharCriticaList.wav - Well, if anyone goes on the critical list let me know.- Grant

CharCutOutLG.wav - Cut it out. OK. Now what are you doing? Cutting it out. Who told you to do that? You did. Oh, I'm not through complaining yet.- Grant/Hepburn

CharCutOutsh.wav - Cut it out.- Grant

CharDareU.wav - I dare you.- Hepburn

CharDivorced.wav - Yes, but we're divorced.- Grant

CharDoIt.wav - Someone has to do it.- Matthau

CharDontKnow.wav - I don't know. How would I know?- Grant

CharDrownBedLG.wav - A man drowned in his bed. Impossible. And in his pajamas, the second one in his pajamas.-Marin

CharEeyaa.wav - (one of those oddly interesting noises)- Grant

CharEstimate.wav - ooooomh, Listen, I only came in for an estimate.- Grant

CharFatHelp.wav - You're a fat lot of help. That's right.- Hepburn/Grant

CharFrighten.wav - If you're trying to frighten me you're doing a first rate job.- Hepburn

CharGetBusy.wav - Well, let's get busy.- Grant

CharGirlIn.wav - It's the house detective. Why don't you have a girl in there?- Hepburn

CharGiveUp.wav - You give up awfully easily don't you?- Hepburn

CharGotSomeTh.wav - I've got something here.- Matthau

CharGreenHorn.wav - You greenhorn. Why you thick skulled, hairbrained, half-witted, greenhorn.- Coburn

CharHeardYa.wav - I heard ya, I heard ya, I heard ya.- Grant

CharHelpU.wav - I wish you'd let me help you.- Grant

CharHmm.wav - Hmmm.- Grant

CharHmmm2.wav - Hmmmm?- Grant

CharHonest.wav - You can't even be honest about being dishonest.- Hepburn

CharHurtUMore.wav - Going to hurt you much more than it's going to hurt me. I'll bet.- Hepburn/Grant

CharIDontKnow.wav - I don't know.- Hepburn

CharIllogical.wav - Do women think it feminine to be so illogical, or can't they help it?- Grant

CharKillU.wav - I don't want to kill you, but I will.- Matthau

CharKissBack.wav - Not allowed to kiss back huh? Oh no. The doctor said it was bad for my thermostat.- Hepburn/Grant

CharKnockOff.wav - Oooh. Hey, knock it off.- Grant

CharKnowEa.wav - Do we know each other? Why, do you think we're going to?- Grant/Hepburn

Charlaugh.wav - (maniacal laugh after Herman goes off the roof)- Grant

CharLoaded.wav - Don't tell me. You didn't know it was loaded.- Hepburn

CharLookFor.wav - Look for it. Look just as hard and as fast as you can.- Matthau

CharMatter.wav - What's the matter?- Grant

CharMatterWU.wav - What is the matter with you?- Grant

CharMeanThingsh.wav - Aww, now who would have done a mean thing like that?- Coburn

CharMyAcct.wav - Please, not on my account.- Grant

CharNaturally.wav - Naturally.- Coburn/Glass

CharNonsense.wav - Now stop that nonesense.- Grant

CharNotSure.wav - I'm not quite sure.- Grant

CharNowWhat.wav - Now what?- Grant

CharNut.wav - You're a nut.- Grant

CharPride.wav - I sprained my pride.- Grant

CharPutThat.wav - Well, who put that there?- Grant

CharQuiter.wav - Quiter.- Hepburn

CharRidicStory.wav - Obviously you are telling the truth. For why would you invent such a ridiculous story.- Marin

CharRip.wav - Did you hear something rip? No. That's odd.- Grant/Hepburn

CharRiplg.wav - (with the rip and groan) Did you hear something rip? No. That's odd- Grant/Hepburn

CharRitual.wav - How often do you go through this little ritual?- Hepburn

CharSaveHide.wav - Is that all the gratitude I get for saving your hide?- Grant

CharShowerMedly.wav - What are you doing? I'm taking off my shoes. What do you think I'm doing. Did you ever hear of anyone taking a shower with their shoes on? (humming) I usually sing a medley of old favorites when I'm in the shower. Oh. Any requests? Shut the door. Oh, I'm afraid I don't know that one Miss. Well.- Grant/Hepburn

CharShutUp.wav - Why don't you shut up?- Grant

CharSpanking.wav - How would you like a spanking?- Grant

CharStings.wav - I've got something that stings like crazy. You're the kind of girl that would have something like that.- Hepburn/Grant

CharStLive.wav - Where? On the street where you live.- Hepburn/Grant

CharStuff.wav - Wwwait a minute. What is that stuff?- Grant

CharStupid.wav - (sorry, don't know how to spell in French..but you get the idea) Marin

CharStupidChild.wav - Come on man. Look, my momma didn't raise no stupid children.- Coburn

CharTattood.wav - Would you like to see where I was tattooed? Yes! Alright, we'll drive around that way.- Grant/Hepburn

CharTermSpirit.wav - Well, that's not exactly the term I'd have chosen. But it sort of captures the spirit of the thing.- Grant

CharTerrEnd.wav - Terrible to end it this way though.- Hepburn

CharThatsRight.wav - That's right.- Grant

CharThingAway.wav - Will you put that thing away!- Glass

CharThinkThat.wav - Well what a terrible thing to say. How could you think that?- Grant

CharURHonest.wav - At least you're honest.- Grant

CharWell.wav - Well.- Grant

CharWhat.wav - What!- Kennedy

CharWhat2.wav - What?- Hepburn

CharWhatUWant.wav - What do you want?- Grant

CharWhatWant.wav - What do you want?- Hepburn

CharWhatWas.wav - What was what?- Hepburn

CharWhyShould.wav - Could you give me one good reason why I should?- Hepburn

CharWork.wav - I've tried to make it work. Really I have.- Hepburn

CharWrongNothing.wav - Do you know what's wrong with you? No, what? Nothing.- Hepburn/Grant

Cary Grant (Peter Joshua), Audrey Hepburn (Regina Lampert), Walter Matthau (Hamilton Bartholomew), James Coburn (Tex Panthollow), George Kennedy (Herman Scobie), Ned Glass (Leopold Gideon)

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