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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

MrBAahh.wav -

MrBAlrightThen.wav - Well, alright then.- Grant

MrBbet.wav - I'll just bet.- Loy

MrBBicker.wav -Bicker, bicker, bicker.- Marshall

MrBCanary.wav - (Theodore the canary)

MrBCantDoThat.wav - You can't do that.- Loy

MrBCantGetUsedTo.wav - Can't get used to them.- Grant

MrBCongress.wav - Congress ought to pass a law.- Douglas

MrBCutYourself.wav - If you don't mind dear. One moment. Take your time, I can spare the blood. Did ya cut yourself? I cut myself every morning, I kinda look forward to it.- Grant/Loy

MrBdone.wav - Now look what you've done.- Grant

MrBEffort.wav - I do wish you'd try and make a little effort. I'll try dear.- Loy/Grant

MrBegPardon.wav - I beg your pardon.- Grant

MrBElectRazorLG.wav -Why don't you use an electric razor? Can't get used to them. Oh, silly. Bill Cole's been using one for years. He hasn't got my beard. Ah.Bill's beard is just as coarse, tough. I am not interested in discussing the grain and texture of Bill Cole's hair follicles before I've had my breakfast. All I said was why don't you use an electric razor? Because I prefer the clean sweep of the tempered steel as it glides smoothly over...No advertising copy please.- Loy/Grant

MrBEvenUDo.wav - Ridiculous! Even you could do it. Thank you.- Grant/Loy

MrBFunkhouser.wav -How much? What's the point in asking how much until you know what you're going to get? I've seen Bunny Funkhouser, I know what I'm going to get.- Grant/Loy

MrBGotIt.wav - You've got it.- Douglas

MrBGoToBed.wav - You go to bed.- Grant

MrBGuiltyInnocent.wav - Just a minute. I'm entitled to know what I did. This is America. A man is guilty until he's proven innocent. It's the other way around Father. You go to bed.- Grant/Moffett

MrBHeadExam.wav - I am going out to get my head examined.- Grant

MrBHolySmoke.wav - Holy Smoke.- Grant

MrBhumm.wav - hmmm.- Grant

MrBISee.wav - I see.- Grant

MrBLintils.wav - On those second floor lintils between the lolly columns. You want we should rabbit them or not?- Barker

MrBloodTurnip.wav -Can't squeeze blood from a turnip.- Marshall

MrBLooking.wav -Looking for something?- Loy

MrBMoreLess.wav - More or less. - Douglas

MrBnothing.wav - All I did, was just nothing at all.- Loy

MrBOhDear.wav - Oh dear.-Grant

MrBOhNo.wav - Oh no.- Grant

MrBOhNoLG.wav - And guess who's headache it is now? Oh no. Oh yes. Oh no.- Tuttle/Grant

MrBPointNot.wav - That's not the point. It certainly is. Not.- Grant/Loy

MrBPrivateAnalyst.wav - Oh nothing Mary. Just a private joke between me and whoevers going to be my analyst.- Grant

MrBreakGlass.wav - In case of emergency break glass.- Loy

MrBridgeRight.wav - Over the bridge and turn right. Left!- Loy/Grant

MrBSeeAboutThat.wav - Hummm. Well. We'll just see about that.- Grant

MrBShouldntWork.wav - That's funny. There's no reason why that shouldn't work.- Grant

MrBSilly.wav - Silly.- Loy

MrBSordidPict.wav - What some people don't see is the whole sordid picture.- Moffett

MrBTearDown.wav - Tear it down.- Paiva

MrBThankU.wav - Thank you.- Loy

MrBthink.wav - Who knows. I can't think anymore.- Grant

MrBThinkOverLG.wav - Do my a little favor will ya? The next time you're gonna do anything, say anything, or buy anything, think it over very carefully. When you're sure you're right. Forget the whole thing.- Douglas

MrBtouch.wav - It's gone! I've lost my touch.- Grant

MrBUDontSay.wav - You don't say.- Grant

MrBUhoh.wav - Uh Oh.- Douglas

MrBUnDrawer.wav - Looking for something? My socks. Why don't you look in your sock drawer? That's where I found my underwear. Oh.Well, try your underwear drawer? I am in my underwear drawer.- Loy/Grant

MrBunnySaidIt.wav - Well, don't look at me. Bunny said it.- Douglas

MrBwhathave.wav - What have you done?- Grant

MrBWhatIDid.wav - Just a minute. I'm entitled to know what I did!- Grant

MrBwhatthat.wav - What was that?- Grant

MrBWhatyaMean.wav - What do you mean, what do you mean?- Loy

MrBWhatyaMean2.wav - Why do you always say, 'What do you mean?' When you know perfectly well what I mean and what you mean.- Loy

MrBWhereThere.wav - Where is it? Its there.- Douglas/Grant

MrBWhoDid.wav - Who did it?- Grant

MrBWhyNot.wav - Why not?- Grant

MrBWontTellMe.wav - What did you do? I don't know. They won't tell me.- Loy/Grant

MrBYankeeKnow.wav - Just takes some good old Yankee know how.- Grant

MrBYayup.wav - Yayup.- Shannon

MrBZurbert.wav - (a zerbert)- Douglas

Cary Grant (Jim Blandings), Myrna Loy (Muriel Blandings), Melvyn Douglas (Bill Cole)

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