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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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bishopalrightif.wav - You seem to be able to make me feel as if everything is going to be alright. Well, it could be if.. If what? If people could only learn to behave like human beings.- Young/Grant

bishopangelwho.wav - Who is he? What is he? He saids he's an angel. An angel. That's funny. Nothing stopped me from saying it that time. From heaven? That I'm not sure about.- Niven/Woolley

bishopbishop.wav - Nobody expect's him to be normal, he's a Bishop.- Lanchester

bishopbless.wav - God bless you both. Thank you. I'll pass that recommendation along.- Woolley/Grant

bishopbullseye.wav - Beautiful! A bullseye!- Grant

bishopcantsee.wav - I won't...I can't see him now. Oh yes you will. No...Yes.- Cooper/Grant

bishopchair.wav - Have a chair. Thank you, I have one.- Cooper/Niven

bishopcontrary.wav - Oh, on the contrary!- Grant

bishopcurious.wav - You're a curious fellow Dudley. Have you just begun to notice that?- Woolley/Young

bishopdanger.wav - I should ask to be assigned to the other end of the universe. That because I was so difficult? Oh No, this difficulty was in me. When an immortal finds himself envying the mortal entrusted to his care, it's a danger signal.- Grant/Niven

bishopdemon.wav - I don't believe you're an angel. I think you're a demon right out of h....Oh Henry, don't say that!- Niven/Grant

bishopdidnt.wav - You didn't know? You didn't tell me!- Woolley/Grant

bishopdisgraceful.wav - It's disgraceful. However it gives me the illusion of peace on earth, good will toward men.- Woolley

bishopdo4U.wav - What can I do for you? That isn't the question. Well, what is it? What can I do for you?- Niven/Grant

bishopdog.wav - Would someone get this dog out of the way?- Cooper

bishopdragon.wav - I should very much like the countenance of St. George to suggest that of my late husband. Yes. Who do you see as the dragon? Oh. Any dragon.- Cooper/Niven

bishopeverywhere.wav - You see, we're everywhere.- Grant

bishopexplain.wav - You wouldn't want me to do that would you? How would you explain it?- Grant

bishopfact.wav - I'll accept that as a fact when I see it happen.- Niven

bishopfaith.wav - Are you sure you're an angel? I know it isn't easy for you Henry, but you've just got to take me on faith. - Niven/Grant

bishopfight.wav - I've never before had to fight an angel. But I suggest you take off your coat and put up your dukes.- Niven

bishopgastly.wav - A ghastly afternoon, with a ghastly women.- Niven

bishopgo.wav - I think you ought to go. No please Julia, don't send me away. What are you saying Dudley? I'm tired of being a wanderer. I'm tired of an existence where one is neither hot nor cold, hungry nor full.- Young/ Grant

bishophaste.wav - I don't know who you are. I don't where you came from or who it was that sent you. Whatever it was I just wish you'd make haste, there's no time to lose.- Niven

bishopjoking.wav - I never know what to think of you Dudley. I never know whether you're joking or serious. I'm at my most serious when I'm joking.- Young/Grant

bishopmink.wav - I had the most unChristian impulse to take those blueprints and give her a good whack over the ...mink coat.- Niven

bishopmiraclehand.wav - Well, my goodness. Did you see the way I missed that truck? It was just like a miracle. Yes. But don't overplay your hand.- Gleason/Grant

bishopmoney.wav - Dudley, I take it that you have the money for the taxi. No, what makes you think that I have money. I just thought that...you being an an....thud. Oh goodness!- Niven/Grant/Young

bishopnero.wav - I, who have never taken any interest in politics since the death of Nero.- Woolley

bishopnervous.wav - Are you nervous Dear?- Young

bishopnormal.wav - It just ain't normal!- cook

bishopnoyes.wav -No! Yes.- Cooper

bishopoh.wav - Ohhh. Hmmm- Lanchester/Grant

bishopohnomonty.wav - Oh no!- Woolley

bishopolder.wav - I'm much older than you think.- Grant

bishopperceptive.wav - I'd call you unusual! Thank you. You're very perceptive.- Gleason/Grant

bishopplanet.wav - We all come from our own little planets. That's why we're all different. That's what makes life interesting.- Grant

bishoppower.wav - This whole thing is a mystery beyond my powers of comprehension.- Woolley

bishoppraying.wav - That's what I've been praying for. You too?- Young/ Grant

bishoppretty.wav - Oh! Pretty.- Grant

bishopprune.wav - Prune juice? What's the matter, is he sick?- Cook

bishopregret.wav - I regret I have been such a disappointment. Regrets and apologies are no good whatsoever. You give me the impression of being confused, indecisive and utterly ineffectual.- Niven/Cooper

bishopremember.wav - I don't think you remember me. Oh, that's preposterous, of course I do.- Grant/Woolley

bishopridiculous.wav - Why that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.- Grant

bishopright.wav - This doesn't seem quite right, does it?- Niven

bishopscream.wav - startled scream- Lanchester

bishopservice.wav - Ready for duty. Completely at your service.- Grant

bishopsomething.wav - Gotta do something about that.- Grant

bishopstamp.wav - Are you expecting a letter? One never knows. But if I should get one the stamp will be worth saving.- Niven/Grant

bishoptred.wav - Sometimes Henry, Angels must rush in where fools fear to tread.- Grant

bishopwant.wav - Be difficult for me to help you until I'm sure what it is you really want.- Grant

bishopwicked.wav - Dudley I'm having so much fun. Are you Julia. Yes. Are you really? Yes, I feel as if I'm doing something wicked. Why?- Young/Grant

bishopwicked2.wav - I am wicked. Well, if you are so am I and that's impossible.- Young/Grant

bishopworking.wav - You're an angel? I knew it. I've been working too hard.- Niven

bishopxmas.wav - Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!- tree seller/Woolley

Cary Grant (Dudley), David Niven (Henry Brougham), Loretta Young (Julia Brougham), Monty Woolley (Prof. Wutheridge)

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