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Awful2Min2Wheels.wav - You're not in any condition to drive. Ooh. I can make it in two minutes on two wheels.- Grant/Dunne

Awful3RingCircus.wav - Oh, I've heard everything. I'm going out to get some popcorn and pink lemonade. I've just seen a three ring circus.- Grant

AwfulAllConfused.wav - You're all confused aren't you?- Dunne

AwfulAllGo.wav - Well, you don't all have to go, do YOU. Go? No.- Grant/D'Arcy

AwfulAllPerfect.wav - It has been all so perfect.- D'Arcy

AwfulAskMeThat.wav - Oh, isn't that funny. I knew you were going to ask me that.- Grant

AwfulATruth.wav - You've come home and caught me in a truth and it seems there's nothing less logical than the truth- Dunne

AwfulBestMom.wav - Well, I guess a man's best friend is his mother.- Bellamy

AwfulBiteMe.wav - Oh, Don't bite me.- Grant

AwfulCallDay.wav - All beautiful things must end, so I guess we may as well call it a day.- Dunne

AwfulChgHerName.wav - I guess it was easier for her to change her name than her whole family to change theirs.- Dunne

AwfulChgSubject.wav - You uh want to change the subject?- Grant

AwfulConfusedFool.wav - You're all confused aren't you? Uhumm. Aren't you? No. Well you should be because you're wrong about things being different because they're not the same. Things are different, except in a different way. You're still the same, only I've been a fool.- Grant/Dunne

AwfulContinentalMind2.wav - Don't worry about him, he has a continental mind. Yess...- Dunne/Grant

AwfulContinentalMindlg.wav - You know, your husband is not like the average American man. No, no, he is free of all mean suspicions. Yes. He has more the continental mind. Yes? Yes, that's right, I have a continental mind, will you have an eggnog?- D'Arcy/Grant

AwfulDespWoman.wav - I wouldn't eh? You're talking to a desperate woman.- Cunningham

AwfulDestroyFaith.wav - It's enough to destroy one's faith isn't it?- Dunne

AwfulDistortedHumor.wav - I'm afraid my sister has a somewhat distorted sense of humor.- Grant

AwfulDivorceTragedy.wav - Our divorce was one of those tragedies that you read about in the papers. A trusting woman and a worthless man. I was never good enough for Lucy and well finally she found it out. Lucy is above suspicion, and always has been. She is as pure as the driven snow, as faithful as she is fair. And I would that I had been worthy to kiss the hem of her garment. Never during our marital bliss did she cause me one moments uneasiness. Never did I have to ask Lucy, where have you been? What were you doing? I always knew.- Grant

AwfulDontKnow.wav - What do you mean you don't know?- Grant

AwfulDropIn.wav - I suppose you know why I dropped in?- Grant

AwfulEncore.wav - Here, give this to the orchestra leader and tell him to play the same number again for an encore.- Grant

AwfulExplainGallantry.wav - In all fairness you should permit me to remain and explain ourselves. Well, American woman aren't accustomed to gallantry Armand.- D'Arcy/Dunne

AwfulFineFix.wav - Oh shoo, I'm in a fine fix.- Grant

AwfulFlTan.wav - Fifteen minutes nothing. I gotta get a deep Florida tan if it takes all afternoon!- Grant

AwfulFunnyPeople.wav - I get it. I'm up to my neck in funny people huh?- Grant

AwfulGreatWest.wav - That'd go great out West.- Bellamy

AwfulHelloThere.wav - Hello there.- Grant

AwfulHowUDo2.wav - How d'you do? How d'you do?- D'Arcy/Cunningham

AwfulIceWater.wav - Remember when they sent the bellboy? Gosh, we didn't want icewater.- Grant

AwfulIllTellHer.wav - I'll tell her.- Dunne

AwfulImmaterial.wav - It's frightfully immaterial. Well, you oughtta know.- Judge/Dunne

AwfulImperfectCar.wav - And you forgive me for my car's imperfect performance?- D'Arcy

AwfulIsNotIsToo.wav - Because he's mine. He is not. Ah, he is too. He is not.- Grant/Dunne

AwfulIThought.wav - Yeah, that's what I thought.- Grant

AwfulJerryNipper.wav - We call him Jerry the nipper.- Dunne

AwfulLaugh.wav - (laugh)- Dunne

AwfulLaugh2.wav - (laugh)- Dunne

AwfulLaugh3.wav - (laugh)- Dunne

AwfulLessonsProfit.wav - You could take a few lessons and profit nicely.- Dunne

AwfulLetMeTellYou2.wav - Well, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something.- Grant/Dunne

AwfulLoveWLove.wav - oooh, no, no. I'm in love with love. In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to ah, what he's been thinking of all winter.- Grant

AwfulMarriageFaith2.wav - There can't be any doubts in marriage. Marriage is based on faith, and if you've lost that, you've lost everything.- Grant

AwfulMopeAround.wav - Readjustment my foot. That's just another word for moping around.- Cunningham

AwfulMrMan.wav - Well now, isn't he just the cleverest yet? How'd ya ever guess that Mr. Man.- Compton

AwfulMyDayVisit.wav - Ahh, now don't tell me you've forgotten this is my day to visit Mr. Smith. It says so right there.- Grant

AwfulNastyInnlg.wav - Well if we haven't had the most terrible time. Armand's car broke down last night, a million miles from nowhere. And we had to stay in the nastiest little inn you ever saw. No modern conveniences at'all. It was dreadful.- Dunne

AwfulNoBusines.wav - Oh, none of your business.- Dunne

AwfulNoMatter2.wav - No matter. No matter!- Grant

AwfulNotLady.wav - Well, have you heard that gag that's been flying around town lately, who was that lady I saw you with? You mean, that's no lady, that's your wife?- Grant/ Compton

AwfulOfCourse.wav - Oh! But of course!- D'Arcy

AwfulOhMaw.wav - Oh, Ma!- Bellamy

AwfulOkCityTulsa.wav - Not Oklahoma City itself? Lucy, you lucky girl! No more running around the night spots. No more prowling around in NY shops. I shall think of you every time a new show opens and say to my self, she's well out of it. NY's alright for a visit. But I wouldn't want to live here. I know I'll enjoy Oklahoma City. But of course. And if it should get dull you can always go over to Tulsa for the weekend.- Grant/Bellamy/Dunne

AwfulOkSwell.wav - Well, Oklahoma's pretty swell.- Bellamy

AwfulOoopsSoSorry.wav - Ooopsa diddledeedum, So sorry.- Dunne

AwfulOutOfCMind.wav - You are out of your continental mind.- D'Arcy

AwfulPCWonderfulTime.wav - If you ever think of me send me a postcard. Just say, 'Having a wonderful time.' I'll understand.- Grant

AwfulPictureLook.wav - I've seen your pictures in the paper and I wondered what you looked like.- Dunne

AwfulProspectus.wav - Excuse me, you're sitting on my prospectus.- Grant

AwfulPutWhereCanFind.wav - That's right, put it where we can find it.- Grant

AwfulRoosterHen.wav - Are you sure you don't like that fella? Like him? You saw the way I treated him didn't you? That's what I mean. Back on my ranch I got a little red rooster and a little brown hen, and they fight all the time too. But every once in a while they make up again and they're right friendly.- Bellamy/Dunne

AwfulSachetPapers.wav - Yes, well, do me a favor will you? Next chance you get look through your stocking drawer? She always hides important things in the top drawer of her dresser. She does? Yes, every legal paper we had smelled of sachet. It did?- Grant/Bellamy

AwfulSameDifferentLG.wav - Yes, it's funny that everything's the way it is on account of the way you feel. Huh? What I mean is, if you didn't feel the way you do, things wouldn't be the way they are, would they? What I mean, things could be the same if things were different. But, uh, things are the way you made them. Oh no. No. Things are the way you think I made them. I didn't make them that way at'all. Things are just the same as they always were only you're the same as you were too, so I guess things will never be the same again.- Dunne/Grant

AwfulSayAnything.wav - I really don't know what to say. Yeah, well, if you go you won't have to say anything, will you?- D'Arcy/Grant

AwfulSenseHumorToo.wav - Oh, undoubtedly he has a better sense of humor than I have too. Oh no, no. I beg to differ with you there. Right now you are twice as funny as he ever thought of being.- Grant/Dunne

AwfulSigh.wav - (sigh)- Grant

AwfulSillyAbout.wav - I didn't expect you to get silly about him.- Cunningham

AwfulSmithPiano.wav - (piano and dog)Take it. (more piano and dog)- Asta/Grant

AwfulSound.wav - (hmm)- Grant

AwfulSound2.wav - (hom)- Grant

AwfulSpreadAround.wav - ah ah ah, Don't go spreading that around.- Grant

AwfulStarvedGoOut.wav - Say, you hungry? Well, to tell you the truth I am starved. Well why don't you go out and grab yourself a bite?- Grant/D'Arcy

AwfulStoatFellow.wav - No, no. I'm a stout fellow, I'll carry on.- Grant

AwfulStoryOldLg.wav - You don't believe me? Oh, how can I believe ya. The car broke down. People stopped believing that one before cars stopped breaking down. Well his car's very old. Yes, well so's his story.- Dunne/Grant

AwfulSurprisedAtU.wav - I'm surprised at you.- Grant

AwfulThatMan.wav - That man is here!- Grant

AwfulToast.wav - Lend an ear, I implore you. This comes from my heart, I adore you. Til death do us part..- Dunne

AwfulTouch2nd.wav - (thudding) Excuse me. (more thudding and door slam) They forgot to touch second.- Grant/ Cunningham

AwfulTwinkleToes.wav - Hello Twinkletoes.- Grant

AwfulUhWhat.wav - Uh What?- Grant

AwfulWalksIn.wav - Well, every time I open the door somebody walks in.- Cunningham

AwfulWGirlHusband.wav - I know how I'd feel if I was sitting with a girl and her husband walked in. I'll bet you do.- Grant/Dunne

AwfulWhat2.wav - What?- Grant

AwfulWhat4.wav - What?- Dunne

AwfulWhatGoesOn.wav - Why? What goes on? Hmm?- Grant

AwfulWhatsaMatter.wav - What'sa matter?- Grant

AwfulWhatyaMean.wav - What'ya mean?- Grant

AwfulWhenKnow.wav - Yes, but when will you know?- Grant

AwfulWhooo2.wav - Whoooo- Forbes

AwfulWontHurtU.wav - What you don't know won't hurt you.- Grant

AwfulWouldntDo.wav - I wouldn't do that if I were you.- Grant

Irene Dunne (Lucy Warriner), Cary Grant (Jerry Warriner), Ralph Bellamy (Daniel Leeson), Alex D'Arcy (Armand Duvalle) Cecil Cunningham (Aunt Patsy)

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