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"Arsenic and Old Lace"


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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

arsenic2by2.wav - Two by two they come and go. Hiphiphighay- licensing clerk

arsenicaffect.wav - Oh, that won't have any affect. try the phone...oh it did, isn't that amazing- Grant

arsenicagain.wav - Hey thats alright, do that again for me will ya?-police

arsenicahahah.wav - Ah, ah, ah, ah, Darling, don't Ah, ah, I'm nervous now. Don't do that- aunt/Grant

arsenicanother.wav - (Creaking of bench) EeeGods, there's another one!-Grant

arsenicatmosphere.wav - Why this whole neighborhood just stinks with atmosphere- cop

arsenicbully2.wav - Bully, Bully- Alexander

arseniccharge.wav - Charge!- Alexander

arseniccreak.wav - (creak of window bench)

arseniccukoo.wav - Isn't it a shame reverend that a nice family like this should be hatching a cuckoo?- police

arsenicdark.wav - Its dark in here- Lorre

arsenicdelighted.wav - Delighted!- Alexander

arsenicdissolve.wav - Its a little late to dissolve our partnership- Massey

arsenicdo.wav - What are we going to do- aunt

arsenicdone.wav - You can see that its got to be done, can't you?- Massey

arsenicfalls.wav - But darling, Niagara Falls! It does? Well let it.- Lane/Grant

arsenicfib.wav - But you don't think I'd stoop to telling a fib!- aunt

arsenicfun.wav - This is fun- Alexander

arsenicgames.wav - Now don't play games- Grant

arsenicgo.wav - Where do we go from here?- Lorre

arsenichabit.wav - This is developing into a very bad habit!- Grant

arsenicholy.wav - Holy!..What's That?- Grant

arsenicholym.wav - Holy mackerel- Grant

arsenichuhwhat.wav - HuH? What? What?- Grant

arsenicinquiz.wav - Don't be so inquisitive- aunt

arsenicinsanity.wav - Insanity runs in my family. Practically gallops- Grant

arsenicjourney.wav - I shall prepare at once for the journey- Alexander

arseniclaw.wav - That might be against the law- Massey

arseniclesson.wav - Let that be a lesson to you- Alexander

arseniclookineye.wav - I don't like that look in your eye. Why, what's the matter with it? Huh? Father preached a sermon about it only last Sunday. He did? What did he say? What did he say? He was against it. Ahh, but that was only Sunday.- Lane/Grant

arseniclouder.wav - Speak a little louder- licensing clerk

arsenicmind.wav - You're going to love me for my mind too. One thing at a time!- Lane/Grant

arsenicnice.wav - That wouldn't have been very nice- aunt

arsenicnonsense.wav - (laugh) Nonesense- aunt

arsenicoh.wav - Oh- Grant

arsenicopen.wav - right out here in the open, with everyone looking?- Lane

arsenicover16look.wav - (sounds) Please! For Heavens Sakes. But Mortimer, right out here in the open, with everyone looking? Yes, right out here in the open with everyone looking. Let everyone in Brooklyn over 16 look.- Lane/Grant

arsenicpeek.wav - We never dreamed you'd peek- aunt

arsenicpres.wav - You have the word of the president of the united states. cross my heart and hope to die- Alexander

arsenicsetup.wav - We've got a wonderful set up here. We can make a fortune- Massey

arsenicsound.wav - (sounds of Mortimer chasing fiance aroung the tree)- Grant

arsenicsound2.wav - (sound of Mortimer frustrated and angry)- Grant

arsenicspell.wav - I get wonderful ideas, but I can't spell 'em- cop

arsenicstop.wav - Stop all this. What are you doing?- Grant

arsenicswear.wav - But sarge, you know I'm not a swearing man- cop

arsenictime.wav - We knew you'd find out about it in time- aunt

arsenicundone.wav - there's no use you're doing what you're doing. because it will just have to be undone- aunt

arsenicwait.wav - wait a minute. what am i doing? Hey- taxi driver

arsenicweknow.wav - Yes dear. We know.- aunt

arsenicwhat.wav - What!- Grant

arsenicwhat2.wav - What!!- Lane

arsenicworld.wav - They're out of this world- cop

arsenicyes.wav - Yeeees- Grant

arsenicyet.wav - You ain't seen anything yet- Grant

arsenicyowl.wav - Yeeeow- Grant

Cary Grant (Mortimer Brewster), Raymond Massey (Jonathan Brewster), Priscilla Lane (Elaine Harper), Josephine Hull (Abby Brewster), Jean Adair (Martha Brewster), Jack Carson (O'Hara), Edward Everett Horton (Mr. Witherspoon), Peter Lorre (Dr. Einstein) James Gleason (Lt. Rooney), John Alexander ("Teddy Roosevelt" Brewster)

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