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"An Affair to Remember"


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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

affairaddiction.wav - It's an addiction.- Grant

affairafraid.wav - What's the matter? Are you afraid?- Grant

affairahah.wav - Ahhhhah.- Grant

affairalarmed.wav - I was alarmed.- Grant

affairappt.wav - Because, don't you agree? When someone doesn't keep an appointment they should apologize?- Grant

affairashame.wav - Now isn't it a shame?- Grant

affairaskquests.wav - Oh, you can ask questions.- Grant

affairawful.wav - Oooou. That would be awful.- Kerr

affairbadbad.wav - Oh, no, no. Bad, bad.- Kerr

affairbaseball.wav - Do you think it will ever take the place of night baseball?- Kerr

affairbeast.wav - You beast.- Aumont

affairbelieve.wav - I don't believe it.- Grant

affairbelong.wav - Why, you don't belong in a place like this. Really? Uhhum.- Kerr/Grant

affairbetterforme.wav - Yeah, it'd be better for me also, I can tell you that.- Grant

affairboatwhistles.wav - I don't like boat whistles.- Nesbitt

affairbored.wav - Oh you know this couldn't be nicer. You saved my life. I was bored to death. I hadn't seen one attractive woman on this ship since we left. Now isn't that terrible?- Grant

affairbright.wav - He doesn't think I'm very bright. About things like that. Oh. Well, it isn't necessary is it?- Kerr/Grant

affairbrushhumoru.wav - Remember, the brush obeys your hand. It doesn't know you are accustomed to getting your own way. You are spoiled. But the brush doesn't know this. It cannot humor you.- Bonanova

affaircautious.wav - Being a woman I'm naturally more cautious. And I can think more clearly when you're not around.- Kerr

affairchampange.wav - Don't you think life should be gay and bright and bubbly, like champagne?- Grant

affairchum.wav - Come on chum, look out.- Grant

affairconclus.wav - You come to any conclusions yet?- Grant

affairconfidence.wav - I wish I could share your confidence. You will have it, when you need it.- Kerr/ Nesbitt

affairdate.wav - Well, you've got a date.- Grant

affairdecieving.wav - Be serious, this is dreadful. And after all the pains we took deceiving everybody.- Kerr

affairdontalk.wav - Don't talk like that, I'm not listening.- Grant

affairdothat.wav - Well, how'd you come to do that?- Grant

affairdowell.wav - You do wonderfully well.- Kerr

affairego.wav - I'll just take my ego for a walk.- Grant

affairetc.wav - Ces la Vie Etc.-Grant

affairexpandstate.wav - Would you care to expand that statement? No.- Lewis/Grant

affairexplain.wav - Remind me not to explain that to you later.- Grant

affairextraordinary.wav - Isn't that extraordinary. Wouldn't you think that's the one thing I could remember? Yeah.- Grant/Bonanova

affairfew.wav - Perhaps few is the wrong word. Well, let's say it's not precise.- Kerr/Grant

AffairFinalScene.wav -Why didn't you tell me? If it had to happen to one of us, why did it have to be you? It was no body's fault but my own. I was looking up. It was the nearest thing to heaven. You were there. Oh darling. Don't worry darling. If you can paint, I can walk. Anything can happen. Don't you think? Yes darling, yes, yes, yes.- Grant/Kerr

affairfooling.wav - This is what's known as fooling the world. Huh? What did you say. I said, this is what's known as fooling the world. I can't hear what you said, what are you saying? Oh who do you think you're hiding from. Everybody's staring at us.- Kerr/Grant

affairgaelic.wav - Do you speak Gaelic? Fluently.- Kerr/Grant

affairgoaway.wav - Well, wait a minute. Don't go away.- Grant

affairgoin.wav - Go in. It won't hurt you.- Nesbitt

affairgothere.wav - Well. I uh, I bet you're wondering how I got here.- Grant

affairgrowup.wav - Oh, I can hardly wait for you to grow up.- Grant

affairheavenu.wav - I was looking up. It was the nearest thing to heaven. You were there.- Kerr

affairhello.wav - Hello- Grant

affairhelpu.wav - Now, let me help you.- Grant

affairhimher.wav - From him? From her?- Grant/Kerr

affairhppythghts.wav - Happy Thoughts Darling.- Grant

affairidol.wav - I ideolize them. Every woman I meet I put up there. 'Course the longer I know her, and the better I know her. Its hard to keep them up there. Isn't it? Yes, isn't it?-Grant/Kerr

affairiknow.wav - Yes, I know.- Grant

affairIknowno.wav - No. I know, I know. But No.- Kerr

affairinscrip.wav - You could light it from that inscription couldn't you? Oh...Oh I must stay tuned in to you.- Kerr/Grant

affairintrouble.wav - What's the matter? You in trouble? Yes.- Grant/Kerr

affairkindbetray.wav - Please be kind. I won't betray you.- Grant/Nesbitt

affairline.wav - Tell me. Have you been getting results with a line like that? Or would I be surprised.- Kerr

affairmeanknow.wav - You see, I had no means of knowing.- Kerr

affairmemory.wav - I did it from memory.- Grant

affairmeniaclaugh.wav - (laugh)- Grant

affairmerci.wav - (french-I think translates into...Thanks ever so much. Oh it was nothing.)Oh, shut up.- Grant/Kerr

affairmisseaother.wav - You go think in your room and I'll think in mine. Well we miss each other. Oh, that was very sweet. What you just said.- Kerr/Grant

affairmmmmm.wav - (hmmm)-Grant

affairmoment.wav - Just a moment.- Kerr

affairmonotony.wav - And I can't stand monotony.-Grant

affairmymem.wav - Well, what is it? Something wrong with my memory? It's uh, getting a trifle dim.- Grant/Bonanova

affairnice.wav - Well, it was nice wasn't it?- Grant

affairnoexcuses.wav - No excuses, come along.- Grant

affairoffendyou.wav - I didn't mean to offend you.- Grant

affairohyess.wav - Oh yes! -ship photographer.

affairoldjoke.wav - Isn't it beautiful down there? Huh? I say, isn't it beautiful down there? Yes. But do you want to hear an old joke? What? If it's so beautiful down there why did you....Oh, thats an old joke alright.- Grant/Kerr

affaironeofus.wav - Why didn't you tell me? If it had to happen to one of us, why did it have to be you?- Grant

affairpaintwalk.wav - Don't, don't worry darling. If you can paint, I can walk. Anything can happen don't you think? Yes Darling, yes, yes, yes.- Kerr/Grant

affairpenny.wav - If you say a penny for your thoughts I'll jump overboard.- Kerr

affairplanned.wav - We've nothing planned for tomorrow.- Kerr

affairpleasestoplg.wav - Oh, please! Please stop! Oh, that's unfortunate isn't it? That was not very nice. You know you shouldn't have done that. I know.- ship's photographer/Grant/Kerr

affairproblem.wav - We have some fast thinking to do. We've created a problem.- Grant

affairprudish.wav - It's not that I'm prudish.- Kerr

affairrephrase.wav - Would you mind rephrasing the question?- Grant

affairsaidsometh.wav - Huh? I thought you said something. No, I didn't say anything. Oh, I'm sorry. But you're right you know.- Kerr/Grant

affairsaved.wav - I was saved.- Grant

affairsaysometh.wav - Were you gonna say something?- Grant

affairshedid.wav - My mother told me never to enter a man's room in months ending in R. She did?- Kerr/Grant

affairsilly.wav - Silly isn't it?- Grant

affairsmworld.wav - This is as far as I go. This is the boundary of my small world.- Nesbitt

affairsurprising.wav - That's surprising.- Grant

affairsweet.wav - That's very sweet. I thought so.- Kerr/Grant

affairtalkaboutu.wav - What are they saying. I don't know. On account of every time they start talking about you they make me leave the room. Ha, ha, ha, . I don't get it. You take over.- Grant/kid on the railing.

affairtalkalot.wav - I'm not very good at that sort of thing. I talk a lot. I try to break myself of the habit.- Kerr

affairtalktoself.wav - I talk to myself quite a lot these days.- Grant

affairthatsodd.wav - That's odd.- Grant

affairthoughts.wav - We used to read each other's thoughts.- Grant

affairtidbit.wav - Here's rather a choice little tidbit.- english announcer.

affairtopmorn.wav - Top of the morning to you. And the rest of the day to you. Now listen.- Kerr/Grant

affairtrust.wav - I can trust you can't I.- Grant

affairtrustme.wav - Oh, I do wish you'd trust me.- Grant

affairtryuknow.wav - I'll try, but, you know.- Grant

affairwaitthunder.wav - How long did you wait? I mean, did you wait long? Ahh, well, yes, well yes, I waited until....Midnight. Oh. And then what did you do? Well. Then I got really mad. Well, you can imagine. Standing up there in..Yes. In a thunderstorm. In a thunderstorm.- Grant/Kerr

affairwellwellwell.wav - Well, well, well.- (annoying passenger) Watts

affairwhaddyasay.wav - huh? Whaddya say? I didn't say anything. Yes. Yes you did. What?- Kerr/Grant

affairwhatwhat.wav - Hum? What? What?What?- Grant

affairwhatworld.wav - What in the world is all this?- Grant

affairwinked.wav - You should have winked the other eye.- Grant

affairwintermem.wav - Winter must be cold for those with no warm memorys.- Kerr

affairwise.wav - You're very wise.- Kerr

affairwonderedu.wav - I've often wondered about you. And how you were. Did you really? Yes, really. Kerr/Grant

affairwrongwthat.wav - Anything wrong with that? No, no. There's nothing wrong with it. Well, that's what I thought.- Kerr/Grant

affairyes.wav - Ah yes.- Grant

affairyngwoman.wav - Courbet told me a young women came into the gallery and she liked it. She saw in it what I'd hoped you'd see. So, I told Courbet to give it to her. Because he said she didn't have any money, and not only that she was......she was...- Grant

Cary Grant (Nickie Ferrante), Neva Patterson ( Lois), Charles Watts (Hathaway), Deborah Kerr (Terry McKay), Cathleen Nesbitt (Grandmother Janou), Fortunio Bonanova (Courbet), Richard Denning (Kenneth), Robert Q. Lewis (Announcer), Geneviève Aumont (Gabriella)

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