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On his mother:

  • "When I go to see her, the minute I get there I start clearing my throat."

On Acting:

  • "I think most of us become actors because we want affection, love and applause."

  • "If you want to be an actor, my advice is to learn your lines and don't bump into the other actors."

  • "The only really good thing about acting in movies is that there's no heavy lifting."

On Autographs:

  • "Autographs are ridiculous. When I sign one, it starts of a chain reaction. I'm not able to do anything else for the rest of the day."

On his use of LSD:

  • "I took LSD with the hope it would make me feel better about myself. I wanted to rid myself of all my hypocrisies...."

  • "There is a great misconception about LSD and a great deal to explain.....I used it about 100 times before it became illegal."

On his retirement from acting:

  • "I got tired of getting up at six o'clock and tripping over all those cables and drinking out of Styrofoam cups. It's not as glamorous as you might think."

On his daughter:

  • "Jennifer is the best production I ever made."

On growing older:

  • "There's no point in being unhappy about growing older. Just think of the millions who have been denied the privilege."

On dying:

  • "I often wonder how I am going to do it. Do you ever wonder whether you are going to embarrass someone or do it in your sleep?"

  • "I would have thought that medical science would have had the problem of death all sorted out. I was sure that by the time I reached the age I am now, they would have found a cure for it, that they would be able to transplant everything and we'd all just keep right on going forever."

On women and marriage:

  • "You marry them and they've got you. You have a child with them, and then it's completely over."

  • " Most women are instinctively wiser and emotionally more mature than men. They know our insecurities. A man rushes about trying to prove himself. It takes him much longer to feel comfortable about getting married."

On his autobiography:

  • "I'm too busy living my life to write about it."

On unauthorized biographies:

  • "I don't care what they're saying. I've developed a skin like a rhino's."

  • "They all repeat rumors that I'm a tightwad and that I'm homosexual. Now I don't feel either of those is an insult, but it is all nonsense."

On speaking in public:

  • " I can't make a speech. I am a rotten speech maker. Making speeches has never been my forte......not even my fifty or sixty or seventy."

On his wives:

  • Virginia Cherrill: "My possessiveness and fear of losing her brought about the very condition I feared: the loss of her."

  • Barbara Hutton: "She wasn't cold to me. She was a lovely woman who suffered unjustly at the hands of the press. It was not her fault that she was born rich."

  • Betsy Drake: "I owe a lot to Betsy."

  • Dyan Cannon:

  • Barbara Harris: "Pretty good for an old geezer like me, isn't she?"

On his marriage failures:

  • "They all left me. I didn't leave any of them. They all walked out on me.......maybe they just got bored."

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