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First Day Ceremony

Photos and Commentary courtesy of 
Debby Schwenson & Helen Fredericks - Thanks Helen & Debby!!!!!

Helen "I just love this man!" Fredericks' Commentary 

Hello Fellow Warbides!

First Day Ceremony Banner Well, yesterday was absolutely wonderful!  I got to the theater in Hollywood, where the ceremony was held, a bit early = about 8:30 AM. (the ceremony was to begin at 10:30 AM!) (Not that I was excited or anything!) :-)

The theater was opened and the Post Office was already setting up all the Opening day goodies!!  A whole table of Cary Stamps, First day issue catches!  Framed Cary stamps! Sheets of Cary stamps! Cary Stamps mounted on biographies!  I thought I must have died and heaven was full of Cary!!!!!

Well, trying to appear a calm, sensible person ... I kept my squealing to a low squeak!  Although, I do think a few "Oh My Goodness!" and "Ohhhhhh, isn't he so handsome!!!" sneaked out!  Oh, yeah, I think I told this poor man, who was helping me. "I just love this man!!"

Click here to enlarge Program I bought a bunch of stuff, which I took out to my car!  Walked around the lobby, waiting for Debby.  Then, more staff from the Post Office showed up ... with more Cary stuff!  One of the items was a framed, matted page of Cary stamps with a plaque stating First Day Issue!!  And a few other envelopes with First Day Cancellations.  So I, run ... err walk calmly, over to the table and buy up the new stuff.

Finally, Debby arrived with her sister Cyndi. Good, someone else to buy stuff!  Of course I had to show Debby everything they had...well, I would have shown her everything, but by then my drooling was getting out of control and I was asked to stand away from the table!

Finally at 10 AM they let us into the theater!  I was standing at the top of the stairs, while Debby and Cyndi took the elevator down to Theater 3.  At exactly 10 AM, ran over the usher ... err walked past him and headed straight to the theater!  I was the 1st one in and went straight to the front row.  The majority of the seats in the first 2 rows were reserved, but there were a few on the end open. So I grab 3 seats and acted like I certainly belonged there!

Johnny Grant The ceremony finally started.  Johnny Grant was Master of Ceremony.  He introduced a lot of Postal workers and Barbara Grant Jayne.  Barbara was in a camel suits. Knee high skirt, short jacket, and a cream color sweater, with camel low heeled pumps.  She is a very classy, gracious lady.

Barbara Grant JaynesI was snapping away and Debby was video taping it.  When Barbara was speaking I noticed that there were 2 VIP seats left empty, so I quickly move over to one. I smile at the real VIP sitting next to me. (It turns out that she edited a short movie that was shown and was produced and directed by the actor who played the eldest some in Room for One More!) 

Barbara was a very good speaker. Jennifer was not there.  After the film clip ... it was soooo good! ... I was swooning at lot, cause there were a lot of kissing scenes in it!  Yummy!!!

Postal Representatives Then Barbara, Johnny Grant and a couple of Post Office bigwigs revealed the Cary Grant stamp!  It was a huge Cary Stamp!!! Wait till you see the photo's!!!  (I immediately thought about Lil Deb's statement about 'licking' Cary !! You'd have loved this one !!!)

Afterwards, Barbara, the artist and many Postal people sat at a table and signed autographs.  Barbara was very nice and I was really impressed!  Michael Deas & Barbara Grant Jaynes

The artist knows VDeb!  He said to say Hi! 

Well, I must be off to work!  My feet have not touched the ground yet!  (You should have seen me at work yesterday afternoon!)

I'll get picks developed today and start scanning them and sending them to VDeb!

Later gators!  Helen


Debby Schwenson's Turn to Drool

I was up at 4:30 am (with my hubby sitting up in bed giving me
that "now I know you are mad" look. I was charged with coffee and on the road by 5:20am.  I picked my sister up at 6:20 (I think we have a convert on our hands). We were on the freeway and heading for Hollywood by 6:30.  Our plan was to meet Helen at around 8am.. NOT!!!

It has been many years since I tackled the LA rush hour traffic..
We did not get there until 9:30!!!  Helen did not lie!! she almost
bought out the place.. I think everyone behind the tables knew her
credit card number by heart!  She gave us the grand tour and we did
some shopping. Oh you just could not believe how beautiful it was to
see his face all over these tables... it made me want to just lay on
the table...(that would be a L.Deb story)

Arc Light TheatreThey would not let anyone into the theatre until 10:00 so Helen waited at the top of the stairs while my sister and I waited at the elevator (my sister is disabled) at 10 o'clock on the nose Helen was down those stairs
like a shot.. (pacemaker, what pacemaker!) When Cyndi and I arrived I was almost breathless at the HUGE screen with Cary's image on it. So we made our way to the front of the stage where Helen had secured us seats in the front row, about 8 seats away from Barbara and the seat next to me had a VIP sign in it... Now the heart was pumping. 
S. David Fineman Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, United States Post OfficeIt got more exciting by the minute watching the VIP's filling the seats around us.  Then they started playing music, loud Dean Martin music!! It really set the mood. After some music and anticipation Barbara and several VIP's came down side Isle to my right.. I had video camera ready and followed them to there seats. They were not 10 feet in front of me... and then I realized, I had the camera ready but I had failed to turn it on!!! I turned it on and got some tape of everyone greeting Barbara as she sat in her seat.

ROTC Color Guard
ROTC Color Guard members Charis Elicamal, Jose Magollan,  Wryalson Cortez,  Rocio Nyunez and Gloria Salinas with Johnny Grant**

Johnny Grant... the Honorary  Mayor of Hollywood to the stage.. He welcomed everyone to the ceremony and then presented the Color Guard, Jr. ROTC from  Hollywood High and introduced Freddie Gorman who sang the National Anthem.  Freddie Gorman is the Writer/ Producer/ Recording artist of "Please Mr. Postman".   Johnny Grant introduced Michael J. Deas and then several Official Postal people. The first speaker Jean Picker Firstenberg  Director and CEO of American Film Institute was Jean Picker Firstenberg, Director CEO of American Film Institute. The next speaker was Barbara Grant Jaynes. Barbara was eloquent and charming and spoke of Cary with such fondness. She made him human and touchable. She spoke of his childhood and his struggle to survive but it was with pride and admiration. Barbara poked fun at him as any loving wife would, she smiled at the memories along with everyone in the room.

With a few more introductions it was time to unveil the stamp.... Barbara, Johnny Grant and several Postal Officials were on stage, Barbara and S. David Fineman did the unveiling... It was breathtaking.... Everyone in the room just gasped. 

Drum Roll, Please!  Ta! Da!

A collective gasp is heard from the crowd.    

Video clipAfter lots of smiles and photos Johnny Grant introduced Patrick Curtis, as a child he was in Gone With The Wind and Room for One More. They showed a wonderful video produced by Patrick, Cary's life in the movies.  The end of the video was a clip of Cary accepting his Oscar... He had tears in his eyes and said " I shall cherish this till I die"   " No greater honor could come to any man than the respect of his colleagues."   My eyes were tearing by that time. What an gracious and eloquent man he was.

The ceremony being over Barbara, Michael Deas and many of the honored quests sat at a long table to sign autographs. That alone was worth the day.. I spoke to Michael Deas first, he is very kind and he was excited that I know Debbie Dunlap... he said to tell her hi and then told me how much help she was to him during this project... Go Debbie!!!  I then spoke to Barbara, she was so kind and so approachable. What a classy woman she is, she signed several items for me and we spoke briefly while she was signing them..  Then it was all over and time to leave, It was hard to walk out of the theater... On the way out they gave us a pin of the stamp, Helen tried to get a couple extra but they were very limited.. I will put mine in a shadow box and put it on the wall in my
office.  So that was First Day for me and the rest is History....


** Why do I have such a large photo of the color guard?  Because I'm a mom, and I know that these kids will be thrilled to see themselves on the internet!!

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