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Unknown Magazine - Late 1940's; pg 8

Cary Grant

Cary Grant

Rumors may keep flying about Grant's serious intentions toward this, that or the other fascinating female - but, let's face it, the gentleman likes to play the field.  As far as marriage is concerned, one can find much of interest in a recent comment of his, to wit: "I've been married.  Remember me?"  They say Cary's happiest years have been his periods as a footloose bachelor.  As, for example, 1934-1942 when the Grant name was coupled with no less than 45 girls.  He hasn't been doing so badly since he became single again three years ago, either.  When and if he does take the plunge, however, few women will disagree with his good friend Rosalind Russell that it will be a "lucky, lucky girl who gets him."  What, after all, could any Prince Charming have that Cary Grant lacks?  In addition, Cary possesses the impressive distinction of having done it all himself - as far as position, wealth and culture go, anyway.  Archibald Leach, you may remember, was all of 13 when he ran away from home in England to join a vaudeville troupe.  From then on, he was foraging for himself, and there were those years in New York in his late teens when the meals weren't always full-course.  Cary may be devil-may-care about many things, but money isn't one of them.  He's proud of the fortune he's made, and he's proud of the way he made it - by the basic process of complete devotion to his work.  Don't let the Grant charm blind you to the man's top-flight artistry.  He's known as one of the best comedians in the business, and is considered by many the finest pantomimist since Chaplin.  He also is gifted with a remarkable capacity for friendship - of the long-lasting variety, too.

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