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Dallas Morning News - September 11, 1969 - p.20A

Grant Quitting Films For a New Cary Face

by Judi Buie
(submitted by Barry Martin - Thanks Barry!)

What the motion picture world has lost, Faberge has gained, and Cary Grant has com out smelling good.

Grant was in Dallas Wednesday to promote the line of cosmetics for Sanger-Harris.  Accompanying him was George Barrie, president of Faberge and personal friend of Grant's.

They arrived in the city on Tuesday night and left Wednesday night following a visit through the store, which gathered many glossy-eyed stares.

Grant was not entirely pleased that the press showed up, and said so in no uncertain terms, "this trip was not intended as a publicity visit.  I don't know who invited you characters here, it looks like we're trying to sell something and we're not.  I don't avoid the press, but I try to steer away from it."

He did say that since it happened that way, he really didn't mind.

Grant became a director of Faberge in May, 1968, and since then has been traveling all over the country.  It is understandable how he feels about the press and public, especially with all of the staring and pawing.

He has overcome the problem of traveling commercial air, "Faberge has its own set of jets so at least I don't have to walk head bowed to the back of the plane and sit with a magazine in front of my face.  They always know who you are anyway.  You have to learn to sit in the back row when you are publicly known.  Before, I was always running in back alleys and stumbling over orange peels to avoid the fans."

Now, with a home in Beverly Hills, "a falling down" house in Palm Springs and a 3-year-old daughter, Jennifer, Cary Grant is a happier man.

"I have no plans to do any movies, TV or anything else.  I work for a good, clean, competitive company and I like it."

The motion picture star, who has made a total of 64 pictures, rates "Gone With the Wind" as the best picture ever done.  "It's proved it, look how long it's lasted."

He also stated that among many the actresses he has played opposite, he regarded Ingrid Bergman as probably his favorite.  "She's very unaffected and natural.  Of course, I liked playing opposite Myrna Loy and Katharine Hepburn."

Grant says that he has no good friends now that are stars.  "My closest friends are the executives such as producers and directors.  I saw a lot of Hitchcock for awhile, but somehow we've drifted apart."

Grant speaks of his young daughter with almost reverence.  When asked what he would tell her if she wanted to become a star, he replied, "A woman needs to be at home taking care of children that she and her husband are blessed with.  If she is married, she belongs with her family.  There is little unity in today's world.  You can tell the families who have stayed together and grown with love.  For instance, look at our present President.  There is unity there and it's quite obvious."

For the star who made "Judy, Judy, Judy" one of today's most famous and imitated phrases, it is surprising to learn that it wasn't a line out of one of his movies.  "I'm really not sure how it came about.  I think I was at a party somewhere and someone was introducing Judy Garland and all I said was, 'Judy, Judy, Judy,' and there it was."

His 'national anthem' has been imitated by the most famous in show business but Grant considers Larry Storch as his favorite.  "I also think Rich Little is great."

Grant has views on nudity in today's movies, "I never go to movies so I've never seen it.  It depends on the person, I guess.  I really don't care for it myself and have no desire to see any."

If Grant decides to follow his cinema retirement, it is a loss.  Although his allegiance is to cosmetics now, there is always from for change.  That's what cosmetics are all about.

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