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"The Ethics of a Wishy Washy Fan Site"
By Deborah Moran

The following was written in response to my question to the Cary Grant list ... "Is it ethical for me to have a Cary Grant site and not like NxNW?"  No folks, I really, truly don't like NxNW!!! 

Deb asked if it is "ethical" for her to maintain a site dedicated to Cary Grant when she despises "North By Northwest?"  As an esteemed and learned member of the legal profession, which we all know is populated by only those with the highest standards of morality, integrity and veracity, I believe I am uniquely qualified to respond to your query. 

The Awful Truth, dear Big Brown Eyed one, is that you will Merrily Go to Hell for for the Crisis you have created for yourself.  It is too pat an answer to say simply that you were Born To Be Bad and thus a Woman Accused wrongly.  For, in reality, it is a Charade, as if your fanaticism is In Name Only, to host a Cary site and yet decry some of his movies. 

People Will Talk.  In fact,  I predict you will be the Talk of the Town as the shouts of  "She Done Him Wrong" and "Deb's The Devil in the Deep" spread Indiscreetly across cyberspace as word spreads of this blasphemous situation. 

Suspicion will be cast upon you.  You will become Notorious for hypocrisy.  No longer will people say Cary Grant was Mr. Lucky for having so dedicated a fan site.  

I implore you to cease this Monkey Business right now, even though I am sure it has been an Amazing Adventure to host a site dedicated to great a star.  

Those totally dedicated fans of his take great Pride in the Passion they feel for ALL of his movies.  So, although I'm No Angel, I implore you, since all Ladies Should Listen, to heed this advice from your attorney:  This is the Night you must reform.  Take a Holiday from your evil ways.  Embrace ALL  of Grant's movies (as I know you can since you have such big, voluptous arms!) and have Room For One More movie, viz, North By Northwest, in your heart.  But, take it slowly, Walk Don't Run, to salvation, as Only Angels Have Wings.  Godspeed to redemption. 

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