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Caption Contest #9

Submitted by Debby Schwenson

"And you're sure I can get a cage that is big enough for all them?"

2nd Place 

'You've made an old man very happy!'
Submitted by Morag Clarke

3rd Place

Cary says sheepishly, 
"You mean they take everything off but their hats?"
Submitted by Diane Parker

Other captions submitted:

(Nervous laugh) I'll just take my kne-EGO for a walk!

Sorry, Madame, I hear what you are saying, 
but you don't have a leg to stand on.

Movie Star Cary Grant playing fun and gams in Las Vegas!

Tell me, Am I really suppose to get up there and dance with them there ladies?

Cary Grant getting a leg up on stardumb, er, stardom, 
Las Vegas style.

"Why yes, these are very fine head dresses." 
Cary says. "But I really don't think its my color!"

You've got to be kidding, you want me to tell them that they have to take their clothes off and dance?

Cary judges finalists in the Miss Chicken USA pageant.

You're funny Mister Grant, human cobweb dusters indeed!!!

Frankly my dear, I don't give a gam.

'Thanks for tickling my fancy'

I would like to introduce you to three of my ex-wives who are now members of Radio City Music Hall's famous Rockettes.  Sorry, but ex-fourth Dyan will be here tomorrow since she had to stop off to see her lawyers again today. 

Nature Lover Cary Grant checking out the plumage of the Official State Bird of Nevada, the Robin (or Candy, or Bambi, or Tiffany...) Red (or blonde, or brunette, or auburn....) Breast (....)

What in the world do they have living up there anyway?

"You mean I could get three more to complete my Merry-Go-Round?"

You want what? One of them to take the Suzy Parker Role? 
Good Grief!!!

Heartthrob Cary Grant at the MGM Grand 
clearly enjoys GAMbling of a different sort!

"Can I have a party hat too?"

Do they do windows?

Cary Grant thinking to himself:  "On the thighway of life, there are drivers and there are passengers.  Oh, to be a passenger...."

I've never danced before in my life...Do you know what kind of fool I would look like if I was to get up there on stage?

A LEGion of Las Vegas beauties hoping to leave their
LEGacy of charm on Prince Charming himself,
LEGendary actor Cary Grant.

Cary and a producer brainstorming ideas during filming of The Pride and the Passion...."Yes!  Brilliant!  And then we can have this one shoot out of the cannon, do a double flip, and..."

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Aileen Mackintosh, Debbie Moran, Debby Schwenson, Sharron Lyttle, Diane Parker, Morag Clarke, Helen Fredericks, Esther Park, Kathy Fox, Maria Simons, and Lucretia

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