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Caption Contest #8

Submitted by Debbie Moran

Waiter, there seems to have been a mistake.  I ordered hasenpfeffer, not hat with pepper.  Must be my accent.

2nd Place

"That's strange.  I thought I ordered gateau, not chapeau."
Submitted by Debbie Moran

3rd Place

"Waiter, may I have a side of gloves to go with my hat, please."
Submitted by Debbie Moran

Other captions submitted:

Cary: "Gee fellas, I'm really the 1 thousandth customer here at the "Brown Derby"? Wow, a genuine Brown Derby walnut cracker! You mean I can really keep it? That's just swell!

"Wow! So that's what they mean... "The NEW Brown Derby Restaurant with it's retractable roof --- You not only eat with the stars BUT under the Stars!"

Looks like Mr., Lucky has to eat something yucky.

"Oh I see...the tortillas are in here!"

I wonder if I should just say, thanks, and hope they won't ask me what it's for...(I wonder what it IS for!)

"I guess they were right when they said becoming a star would give me a big head."

"You drop an olive. I eat my hat. It all makes perfect sense." - Bringing Up Baby

"I have heard the phrase 'I'll eat my hat' before, but I think the chef took the phrase to heart in this case - check please!"

Well, I do not know what this is but I must say that I am looking absolutely gorgeous tonight...

"Very clever. Reminds me of someone I once made a movie with"

"I knew I shouldn't have tried to order in French."

"Reminder to self: next time inquire of future wife if she can cook."

"Well, it LOOKED like a sandwich."

Where's the liverwurst?

"Makes a change from pink champagne"

"Which fork do I use for this?"

"Susquehanna hats...slowly I turned...step by step...inch by inch..."

"You are what you eat?!"

Unfailing polite and always the perfect dinner guest, Cary Grant struggles with the rule that one should finish everything on one's plate.

"I know I said I'd eat my hat if I was wrong!!  But I really didn't know Suzy Parker was REALLY made of wood!"

No wonder Cary stayed so thin.

Oh dear, this burger is rather old don't you think?

"I'm so hungry I could eat my hat."

"Great hamburger press!"

"If what they say is true about me, I'll eat my hat"

"Hats off to the chef for another maaahvelous meal."

"If I eat this, I'll surely be full to the brim."

Once again, the chef got cary'd away upon learning screen star 
Cary Grant was in the house.

"So this is why I had a splitting headache."

"You double cross me, Maureen, and I'll have your head on a platter."

Cary Grant dives head first into his meal.

"They really need to improve their Happy Meal prizes."

"Mad cow disease crosses the Atlantic.
Stay tuned for details at 11:00."

The Allfull Truth:
"It's true, I tell you. The English are known for their cooking."

"Quick. Hand her the paddles, Mr. Grant.
She's having a caryiac arrest."

"It's been awhile since I've had bangers and mash, but I don't recall it looking like this."

"Mmmm. I wonder what would have happened if they had named this place the Blue Bowler, or the Tangerine Top Hat or maybe the Seafoam Sombrero. I know! The only person who would have been caught dead in here is Archie Leach!"

"S'all right?"
"S'all right."

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Tom, Tina Corbin, Gina Ward, Amy, Helen Fredericks, Debbie Moran, Dolly, April Parrish, Elaine Abram, Diane Parker, Cheryl Trahan, Krista. 

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