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Caption Contest #6

Submitted by Carey Martin

2nd Place

(newspaper headline): 
Tragedy in Hollywood: 
Actor Cary Grant Blinded by Sight of Ugly Hat
Submitted by Esther Park

3rd Place

Cary: Goodness, I've never seen such long nose hairs
Submitted by Donna Moore

Other captions submitted:

Is that a flea in your eyelash?

So THAT'S what a mole looks like close-up?

My grandma, what big eyes you have!

Dahling, is there anything in there??

"Butterfly kisses again? This woman IS kinky," Cary thought.

Playing doctor is one thing, but playing opthamologist?!?!

"Gee, I can't see the splinters on you like I can Suzy Parker, but you look an awful lot like her wooden you know it."

Mm Mmmmm. Perfume, peppermint flavored perfume.

Hey doll, lets be like eskimos and rub noses.

Cary: "Come on, give me a little kiss!"

"Don't be coy, you know you want me....."

"Ah, let's Kiss And Makeup!"

Cary: "As soon as you finish here, let's have a picnic by the fireplace."

"Don't look now - there's a gopher on your hat!"

"Funny, you don't look like Suzy Parker, 
but I wood almost swear you both have the same pine scent."

"Yes, that shade IS midnight blue you're wearing, isn't it!!?"

Cary: "I'm not an optometrist, I just play one in the movies!"

Cary thinking to himself: "Man, how obvious do I have to be with her? Hello!!! I can't get any closer!"

Cary thinking to himself: "How much longer are they going to make me do this -- my neck's locking up AND my foot's asleep!"

"Gee, I can't see the splinters on you like I can Suzy Parker, 
but I wood know that pine scent anywhere."

"Darling, Won't you please put ice cream on your grocery list?"

C.G.: "Don't say anything, or they'll think that I did it!"

"You're WHAT????"

Cary says, "Tell me, is this really your will?"
She says, "Yes, Darling it is!!!"
Underneath her breath there is a chuckle and she's thinking, 
"Yeah right! Thatís what they all think it is...
All seven late husbands!!!"

Peter Pan leaves a quick note before whisking a reluctant Cary off to Never-never Land

If you sign your name on the dotted line, 
I promise you can have anything you want!!!

Oh My! I'd know that smell anywhere! 
It's Suzy Parker in disguise!

"I am not sure darling, but I think your pointy heal has dislocated my pinky toe."

Cary: Doctor, I have this mole on my face. 
I'd like it removed and replaced by this please.

Girl: Smug? Yes, I suppose I do look smug. 
Wouldn't you be if you patented the "Cary Grant Attractor"

Cary: Darling, don't you think your make-up's a little.....sticky?

Cary: Goodness, I've never seen such long nose hairs.

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Cheryl Trahan, Carey Martin, April Parrish, Aileen Mackintosh, Gina Ward, Karen G., Krista Gower-Johnson, Selena Richardson, Rachel Waters, Esther Park, Sharron, Tina Corbin, Amy and Donna Moore.

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