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Caption Contest #5

Submitted by Josette Wood

2nd Place

"Okay Cary. Now you put your arms on her shoulders like this and lean in like this for the big kiss.
Got it or do we have to go over it yet, again?"
Submitted by April Parrish

Third Place Tie

Don't worry, Cary. 
I used to have trouble remembering my lines, too.
Submitted by Tom

Third Place Tie

Despite Fifi's flirtatious "back-rub," Cary continued to ignore her and instead ogles a picture of Sophia Loren.
Submitted by Esther Park

Other captions submitted:

Cary: "Well pal, looks like this script has really gone to the dogs"

Dog Thinks..."Wooden Suzy Parker be fun to play catch with?"

"OK, I may not be as cute as ASTA, 
but that's no reason to ignore me!"

"I hope he doesn't think I'm jumping through those hoops!"

"Cary, really! 'Bringing Up Baby'? You can't do it! 
It would ruin your career. 
And what would happen if that leopard got hold of me?!"

Cary-Do you think I should accept this part?
Dog- arfff
Cary- aww, what do you know anyways?

Dog:   " I can't believe how slow this guy reads."

Yes, but will my name be in lights?!

So its Woof Woof Grrrr not Yap Yap Woof, then?

Now THAT Cary is the way the scene could be played!

The Bachelor and the ....... Terrier?!

Woofs in the Dark!

My Favorite Woofer!

"Did the dog get the girl?"

"How many lines do I have?"

No, there isn't a part for dogs. I told you I would let you know!

Don't rush me. I'll turn the page when I'm finished. 
NOT when you're finished.

Dog:  " Cary, old boy, this is my dressing room.  
Yours is the small one across the hall".

Cary: "At least with YOU as my costar, you can't steal any of my lines!"

Dog Thinks..."I went to obedience training for that?"

"And they wonder what the 'secret' is to Cary's great acting. 
Without me he would still be Archie Leach."

Cary thinking: 
"This dog is already stealing my lines for the caption contest!"

"Move over Asta! There is a new dog in town!"

I've looked it over and I want to talk to the director!  
My part just lays around and Cary gets all the lines, AND the ladies!

"I am man's best friend and what a man to be best friends with!"

Well, he's not Asta, but if he can act, I'll take him!

Well, you read it.  What do you think of it?

You take the BIT part and I'll take the Kibbles and Bits, deal?


Take the picture!  How long do you think I can hold this pose?

The Dog:  You think YOU'RE typecast?!

Variety headline:  
First Time in Hollywood History - Terrier Directs Film

The dog says -  "Oh this is the good part! This is my scene!" 

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Gina Ward, Tom, Esther Park, Cheryl Trahan, Renee, Linda Kirker, Diane Parker, Morag Clarke, Aileen Mackintosh, Kathleen Dudley and April Parrish!

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