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Caption Contest #16

Winner - Esther Park

"What do you mean, 'Yes, you have no bananas'?"

Second Place - Esther Park

Talking to the press:  
"For the last time...our new movie is called Only Angels Have Wings. 
I play a pilot named Jeff Carter, and Miss Hayworth plays Judy.  
Judy, Judy, Judy!  Got that??"

Third Place - Rachel Behnke

Did you just call me 'Mr. Hayworth?!'

There were 73 entries in this caption contest!!  These top three were the runaway winners!!  

Honorable Mention:

"Waiter!  We ordered our Condor Stew an hour ago! What's taking so long??"

Woman: How many times are we going to film this scene?
Grant: This menu has no words on it.

Escargot is French for what????

"Quick, when the waiter turns his back, run for it!"

"How much?!"

"You want her to put that fork where?"

"If you don't hurry up and order soon I'm going to eat this table."

"Calling Barranca, Calling Barranca!"

Cary to waiter: "I'll have the special."
Rita to waiter: "I'll have the same, 
but for dessert, I'll take Cary with whip cream."

"What does a guy have to do to get a dish of peanuts around here? 
Oh, you want me to sing 'The Peanut Vendor'????"

Rita Hayworth formulates a plan to surgically remove Cary 's mole with her dinner utensils.

"Miss Hayworth will have the Guacamole a la Gilda, and I shall have the Spaghettini Suspicion, thank you. Oh, and two Devlin Daiquiries."

I don't care if she is Rita Hayworth, I am NOT buying a bottle of Dom Perignon.

CG : Do you have Margaritha ?
Waiter: Yes, but not as great as yours.

Sitting next to "Gilda" causes Cary 's eyebrow to uncontrollably form the shape of a Tilda (~).

"Only Angels Have Wings. But this place better have some decent Buffalo Wings!"

Cary : "She's not my wife!"
Woman: "I'm working on it!"

Waiter: "Can I get anything else for you Mr. Grant?"
Cary :  "Let me have some of your cheesecake and a restraining order to go!"

What do you mean smoking is no longer permitted in Public Facilities?!!  It's still a free country isn't it???!!!

If he comes after me with the pitcher of ice water he just ordered, I'll poke a hole in his dinner jacket!

"It's how much for a bowl of soup?"

Rita (excitedly): Cary Grant is sitting next to me?!

Cary : Excuse me. I must be at the wrong table.

"Waiter, I asked for Marilyn Monroe, and  . . .
What do you mean I can't send her back?"

Rita to Cary : "Coffee, tea or me?"
Cary to waiter: "Do you have Earl Grey?"

Woman: I said  I'll have the chocolate cake!
Grant:  Don't listen to her. She's on a diet.

"I've told you before, darling, it's rude to play with your cutlery."

"Oh no, my wife's just walked in!"

"She can put that fork in me.  I'm done!"

Are you sure the prices on this menu are accurate?

You surely get more than ONE lobster for that... right?

Cary : "I asked for a table for one!"

Cary : Put the fork DOWN!

"Hasn't anyone told you that New York has a No Smoking Policy now?"

"Hey fellas!  Did you see that?  She tried to stab me with her fork!"


Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest: Becky, Helen, Lynette, Melu, Jonathan Baker, Rachel Behnke , Anna Bickford, Lavada Blejski, Dino D'Ulisse, Chris Johnson , Renee Klish , Francesca McGeorge, Robert McHam , Paula Moche, Esther Park, Diane Parker, Irena Pasvinter, Janet Place , Sara Pollock , Sarah Quinones , Alex Rivero , Vi Rohn, Yardan Russ, Kimberly Tapper, Melinda Tice, Rose Young