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Caption Contest #14

Winner - Judy Schuler - Ohio

Second Place - Esther Park - California
Rap stars circa 1946: Notorious B.I.G. and the Real Slim-Shady

Third Place -
Esther Park - California
Ingrid Bergman enjoyed entertaining the crew with 
elaborate hand shadows on the set of Notorious.

Other Captions Submitted .....

Cary:  But Hitch, I really would  like to murder Joan Fontaine.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Is that a cigarette or are you just glad to see me?"

"Hitch, your cigarette ash is about to fall on my new shoes."

"Gooooood Eeeevening."
"Oh Hitch, stop trying to sound spooky. I know it's you."

"Hold them...my chins...the one thing in the world you can't resist."

Double-chin meets double-agent

How long do you think it will take before they figure out we put these stick figures in our places?

My Suspicion is that heading North by Northwest is our best chance To Catch a Notorious Thief.

Look into my eyes and repeat after me:  
I do not want to smoke, I do not like cigarettes....

I haven't yet cast the roll of your next co-star.  Which svelte blond with beautiful eyes and a sultry voice would you like?

Really, Hitch, you don't need to point that thing at me. I'll do the film.

I'd have used you in more films Cary, but you're so 2-dimensional.

For Dr. Suess fans: The North by Northwest-going Zax and the South by Southeast-going Zax in their infamous stand-off.

Listen shorty, we weren't cut out to play in a Minstrel Show. 
I think we should give the Movies a try.

The Great Stare-down of Hollywood - It finally ends as the famous director, Alfred Hitchcock, blinks and says, "Ugh! I just got the most horrible vision of you in a striped pullover sweater!"

Hitch: My fortune cookie told me I would meet someone tall, DARK and handsome...

I shall have to poke you with my cigarette 
if you persist in your objections to the striped turtleneck.

Perhaps if we spoke nicely to the producers, they'd allow us a little more light in here.

"Ten bucks says Notorious will be a hit without Selznick."

"Here's the key, Cary. Ingrid's waiting in the wine cellar."

"I don't think our profiles will make the Mount Rushmore set."

Cary Grant's Unsuccessful Audition to be the 
Director's Successor in Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Odd Couple?

AH: Cary , I have an excellent part for you in my next movie.
CG: Great! What part ?
AH: You'll play my shadow.
CG: Sounds interesting but are you sure that I'll be convincing as your shadow?!
AH: Certainly! This is not a primitive and ugly midday shadow, you'll be an elegant and debonair evening shadow!

CG: Why there is no light ?
AH: They call you a cat, you should see in the dark.
CG: Yes, but I am afraid that somebody will step on my tail.

"I have a job for you."

"Cary Grant, I presume."

"And you are?"

Cary: Am I standing in your shadow Alf, or are the light's out?

Cary: Knock, knock.
Hitch: Who's there?
Cary: Ida.
Hitch: Ida who?
Cary: I'd have done more movies for you but I'm pickier about blondes than you are.

You'll never learn the "guess which hand it's in" trick if you won't put both hands behind your back.

May I have this dance?

"Now you listen to me. You are far too tall, far too good looking, and unless you tell me your secret, I am going to stub this cigarette out on your stomach."

Hitch: Its not so much that you're taller and handsomer, Cary, but I suspect your cigar is bigger than mine . . ..

"Silhouettes of Greatness"

"Shadowed in Mystery"

"Have you any Grey Poupon?"

Don't forget Cary, for the last time her name is Julie, not Judy!

Hitchcock's lost cameo

Two Great Men of Cinema: 
"The Master of Suspense" and "The Master of the Silverscreen"

Hitch: I don't know if I can hold this pose long enough for these people to continue submitting captions.
Cary: Sure you can, because I'll feed you Betsy's cooking if you don't.

Hitchcock: This is the new murder weapon for the next scene.
Grant: What is it?
Hitchcock: A cigarette; these things are dangerous.

"This is very top secret Cary. Now it is very important for you to successfully deliver this message, but whatever you do don't..."

"This picture just screams suspense doesn't it?!"

Hitchcock: Everyone wants to be Cary Grant; I want to be him the most.

Cary:  I never realized I was so tall.

Cary: I wonder what he wants this time of night.

Cary: Yes! I knew North by Northwest wasn't the end of the Grant-Hitchcock era. Now I will be one up on Stewart. I knew I was his favorite! Here it comes, a new script just for me!
Hitchcock: What are you so happy about; it's just a cigarette.

Agent 3901, Here is you mission, should you choose to accept: 
In my hand I hold a piece of paper containing the exact whereabouts of the Cary Grant's 73rd motion picture. 
You must travel NORTH BY NORTHWEST Airlines to deliver this piece of paper to George Kaplan ASAP! 
Travel in plain clothes to avoid SUSPISCION, 
and beware of NOTORIOUS Warbride spies who may try to learn the location of the film. 
If the film's location ends up in their hands, you may find yourself spending lots of time trying TO CATCH A THIEF.

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest: Nancy Bruce, Richard Cordova, Jill Haynes, Meg Herrick, Kimberly Knotts, David Leach, Therese Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Esther Park, Diane Parker, Irena Pasvinter, Yardan Russ, Judy Schuler, Amanda Spitler, and Cheryl Trahan.

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