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Caption Contest #11

Submitted by April Parrish

One would think that out of 5 wives,
at least ONE could cook an edible meal.

2nd Place 

The Pride and The Pepcid
Submitted by Esther Park

3rd Place Tie

"Please make it stop...                                  
          I've been stuck on this rotating floor for hours!"
Submitted by Esther Park

UMMM, La Petit One. 
I'm not sure I can get in that position!

Submitted by Tina Corbin

Honorable Mention: (4th Place Ties)

'Not only can't she act, she can't cook either!!'
Submitted by Morag Clark

Gulp I am so nervous I finally got a date with Little Deb!
Submitted by Aileen Mackintosh

C-Rations AND a pink submarine. No wonder I have indigestion.
Submitted by Lora Alejandro

Maybe if I cover it, nobody will notice my big cowboy belt buckle.
Submitted by Ellen Puerzer

"I'm trying to suck it in!"
Submitted by Rachel Waters

"Gunga, that Indian food sure Din' agree with me!"
Submitted by Esther Park

"I still get butterflies when I know Iím going to Kiss Grace Kelly."

"Never eat the shellfish in the Universal Studios Cafeteria"

"I should have used Pepcid AC."

Ooohh I knew I shouldn't have had the seafood last night!

"Oh dear. Note to self, think thin"

Cary thinking: 
"WOODEN you know it they've cast me with that PLANK Suzy!"

"So many women, so little time! 
I think my appendix just burst from the stress!"

Cary contemplates acting in the same movie with 
Jayne Mansfield, Suzy Parker and Warner Klemperer.

"Pardon me, would anyone have any Alka Seltzer?
I ate too much Grey Poupon! "

"Does this uniform make me look fat?!"

Why, oh why did I kiss Suzy - I think I have splinters?!?!?!

Oh no, what do you mean Lil Deb is married????

Wooden you know it, Suzy can't cook, either!

"Looking for this article is worse than finding an intercostal clavicle!!!!!"

Thinking to himself:                                                                        
"Yuck, why did I have to be paired with Suzy Parker?!"

How am I supposed to learn the lines if I can't touch the script?

"Please sir er... um... it was like erm .. this sir!"

Only Angels Have Wings...
but too many Buffalo Wings will give you a stomach-ache!

I feel like starting my own butcher shop in Goose Creek 
wasnít such a good idea.

"Ah, Lil Deb, the sight of you gives me butterflies in my stomach. Oh wait, that's not butterflies.......it's another splinter! Will my punishment never end for working with Suzy Parker?"

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Lora Alejandro, Morag Clarke, Tina Corbin, Jenny Curtis, Emee Dunlap, Aileen Mackintosh, Esther Park, April Parrish, Ellen Puerzer, Cheryl Trahan, Gina Ward, and Rachel Waters

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