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Caption Contest #10

Submitted by Esther Park

(Puzzling at the ring on his finger) 
"Hmmmm, I wonder who I married this time?"

2nd Place 

"UMMM, La Petit One. I'm not sure I can get in that position! 
But, in your case, I will certainly try. 
A LITTLE does go a LONG way!"
Submitted by Tina  Corbin

3rd Place

"Your MISSION Mr. Grant, if you choose to accept it, 
is the IMPOSSIBLE task of making Suzy Parker into an actress, 
make her less wooden, and then finally, successfully remove all of the splinters from your body after its over. Good Luck, Mr. Grant."
Submitted by Tina  Corbin

Other captions submitted:

"Wow, this Etch-A-Sketch is really challenging!"

Cary thinking outside-of-the-box.

"Do these negatives make my butt look big?"

"How am I supposed to read all my Warbrides messages with this black thing covering up my computer monitor??"

"Hmmm .. thank goodness all these photos are in black and white! The world would not be able to look at Mae West the same way if they saw her in this fuchsia dress and lime green boa. Only a fashion consultant would come up to see her like that!"

Thank our lucky stars Cary chose acting over air traffic controlling: "Hmmm. Is that a rye seed from my lunch there on the screen or are those two jets about to collide?"

Cary says, "I don't have any idea what this thing is either."

"What was I thinking when I married her?"

"Why are they taking my picture?"

"Dang! I paid three easy installments of $29.99 for this Nail-O-Matic 
and I still can't get a decent manicure!"

Cary says, "Maybe if I stare at this long enough it will go away."

"Hmm...Why did I become an actor?"

"Now, big black book, under what did I file Lil Deb?"

Cary thinking to himself: 
"Where is James Bond when you need him!"

"Looking for this article is worse than finding an intercostal clavicle!!!!!"

"How do you turn this thing on?"

In case of emergency, break glass!

"I don't get it?"

Grace, Leslie, Audrey, Deborah......

"Who picked out the rings?"

Cary says, "I'll just sit here and stare at this and hope nobody will notice I don't know what I am doing."

Cary thinking to himself: "UmmmÖ What IS that under my fingernailÖ.. NO! IT CANíT BE! NOT A SLIVER!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" 
(Woody Parker strikes again.)

This new fangled technology just isn't for me. How the heck do I turn the light on?

"I just can't get this darn computer to log into Cary Chat! pppfftt!!"

"It's driving me crazy Dyan's habit of framing chocolate wrappers."

They said make my acceptance speech short, 
but microfilming it is just going too far!

"Well, that's all the roses planted, 
now what's next on my Warbrides list of things to do?"

Cary felt that if he chewed his fingernails he may have a 
"light bulb" moment of inspiration.

How am I supposed to learn the lines if I can't touch the script?

"I don't get it. I just don't get it. 
What is Suzy Parker doing on this negative?"

Cary Grant on considering the newest invention, the television. 
"I wonder why they call it the 'boob tube?' Doesn't look like either one to me."

As Cary Grant reviews stills from his latest release, Once Upon a Honeymoon, one has to wonder why they call them negatives? 
He looks positively gorgeous to us.

"Where's the ANY key?"

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Morag Clarke, Tina Corbin, ZoŽ Diamandopolous, Krista Gower-Johnson, Susanna Heinz, Aileen Mackintosh, Anthony McGuire, Deborah Moran, Esther Park, April Parrish, Maria Simons, Gina Ward, Rachel Waters

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