1. First select the round you want to take part in - these are given on the six buttons at the top of the right hand frame.
  2. Wait for the question to appear in this window.
  3. Select your answer from the list of films and then press the OK button
  4. Wait for the result of your answer to appear in this frame. Then continue waiting for the next question to appear. As you play, your current score is shown in the "Points" box in the right hand frame.
  5. Repeat stages three and four until you have answered all the questions. There are 10 questions in each round, taken randomly from a pool of 25.
  6. When you have answered all the questions your score for that round will be confirmed in the bottom left frame. If you score 9 or 10 points in a round, you will be asked if you want your name to appear in the list of high scorers, and a form is provided for you to submit your details.
You can choose a different round at any time....but remember that your score will be reset to zero if you should do so. Have fun. Remember to come back and play again!