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December 2006 - January 2006

Name:  Mary
State/Country:  Arizona/USA
Favorite Movie:  The Bishops Wife
Comments:  You have an awesome site, I found out so much about Cary Grant, that I didn't know.  I have Loved watching him since I was a young girl, and to this day he is my favorite actor.  Thanks so much for your insight about a wonderful man/actor.

May 15, 2006

Name: Olivier
State/Country: France
Comments: hello, I'm a French man, 34 , and Cary Grant is my favorite character, just to say a big thanks for your site and pictures. keep on your good work. it would be a good idea to put pictures to all the places is been, movies, hotel and so on...but l know it's a lot of work.  Olivier

May 15, 2006

Name: Zoe Leach
State/Country: England baby!!
Comments: I am just searching for some autographed memorabilia for my grandmother, and stumbled across the site. Cary Grant was actually my Grandfathers cousin so I am trying to found out much about him as I can. Really enjoyed looking at your site too!!! Take care, x x x

May 15, 2006

Name: Brigitte
State/Country: Canada
Favorite Movie: "Bringing Up Baby"
Comments: I love this site! It's the only really great Cary Grant web page I've come across so far. The photo galleries are great, especially the "Kiss" gallery. A really great tribute to a really great star!

Keep up the good work!

May 11, 2006

Name: Jane Harborne-Jinks
State/Country: U.K
Favorite Movie: Just about anything he starred in but particularly Charade, North by Northwest, Touch of Mink, Houseboat, Penny Serenade, Philadelphia Story and Father Goose
Comments: I am delighted to find a web-site dedicated to Cary Grant. Born in 1953 I was raised on the movies from the 1930/1940/1950's and decided, I think quite early, the movie stars that I really loved. Cary was definitely always a favourite, he was and still is the epitome of the truly suave, elusive yet elegant male that he always seemed to portray. I have most of his movies on video and now on DVD and an afternoon or evening is still best spent with a glass of wine and a CG movie to enjoy.
Having read through some of the messages on the website I am so pleased to see that it is not just my generation who appreciate this lovely man but so many in their 30's, 20's and it seems even younger.
May Cary Grant's legacy live on.

May 9, 2006

Name: Sal
State/Country: BC - Canada
Favorite Movie: Hard to chose one: Notorious, Philadelphia Story, North by Northwest, To Catch a Thief... I can go one for while
Comments: For a person who's obsessed with CG, I just love your web site. I am thankful that it has some of the radio shows I have never heard. Thank you for creating it...

May 7, 2006

Name: Ce Ce
State/Country: UK
Favorite Movie: The Awful Truth (at this moment anyway) :p
Comments: What a wonderful site! I'm so glad it exists, it has practically everything a fan could want.

Thanks to the filmography I'm starting to discover so much more of his work. Probably not a good thing, I'll become an even bigger obsessive!

'Cary' on with the good work ;)

PS- What font do you use to for the wallpapers? it's lovely.

May 5, 2006

Name:  Rylee
State/Country:  Arizona
Favorite Movie:  Talk of the Town

May 2, 2006

Name:  Lauren
State_Country:  Wisconsin/ USA
Favorite_Movie:  My Favorite Wife
Comments:  I was very excited to find you site, because being the age I am (19 not many of my friends like to listen to me go on about how cary grant was a true romantic, and that all of his movies that I've seen are wonderful.  Your site was also just what I was looking for because I am starting a Dvd collection of Cary Grant I the list you have is perfect.  Now I can tell which ones I have and what I have to look forward too.  Thanks

April 27, 2006

Name:  Patricia Pierini
State/Country:  New York, USA
Favorite Movie:  I have many favorites
Comments:  You have one great site. I loved looking at all you had. I will be sure to come back many times. I to love Cary Grant. I think I fell in love with him many years old. I love all his films. He is one great actor.

April 25, 2006

Name: Kris
State_Country: Palma de Mallorca
Favorite_Movie: People Will Talk ( toutes)
Comments: Hy,
Ton site est vriament super, moi qui suis une fan de Cary j y ai trouver ou retrouver tout ce que j attendais.
JE suis un peu trop acro a ce grand homme. Il m arrive meme de pleurer des fois car j etais jeune quand il nous a quitter, mais je me souviens tres bien de ce jour car j ai pleurer beaucoup j avais 17 ans.
Il est remarquable a tout points de vue.
Sont insolante eleguane et sont charisme et le tout d un tres bon acteur.
Je vais bientot faire un voyage de 3 jours en Angleterre et j irai jusqu a Bristol.
En tout les cas merci pour ce merveilleux site.
Je salue tout les fans de ce GRand monsieurs aissi que lui.

April 25, 2006

Name:  Pam
State/Country:  Illinois
Favorite Movie:  love 'em all!
Comments:  Dear Debbie,
Just wanted you to know I love your site. I recently started watching Cary Grant movies and wanted to know more about the man. so I did a search and came across your site. I'm so glad I did! I especially enjoyed Mr.Grant's autobiography. What a great writer he was! And I loved his funny, honest views of people and things. A great actor has to have a unique understanding of the human condition which he obviously did. It's safe to say I've fallen in love with him and his movies. I hope that doesn't sound crazy. Oh, how I miss him. I wish there were more people (and actors) in the world like. him. Keep up the great work.

April 18, 2006

Name:  ray
Comments:  I just wanted to say Cary would have made a great james bond he had the style, look and voice or accent for the part for sure. 

April 13, 2006

Name: John W. Ford
State/Country: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Movie: To catch a thief , North by Northwest
Comments: Thanks for a lovely and interesting site about Cary Grant , I like your site cause it's a non profit site, it means you are not interested to profit on all fans. Your work are great and give much information I never been read about. Keep on the hard work

April 11, 2006

Name:  Drew W.
State/Country:  MA. - USA
Favorite Movie:  Notorious - All of his movies are favorites.
Comments:  Thank you so much for posting Cary Grant's radio performances.  I cannot express my gratitude enough to you for providing them.
     As an aside I'd like to share with you a small insight that I've come to realize about myself.  I used to wonder what it was that made Mr. Grant seem to me to be a man who was quite separate from the people of the era in which he began to flourish as an actor in the 1930's.  It has always been my feeling that he was a man of today's era, I guess what I'm saying is that he was a timeless soul.  Perhaps that is really the definition of an "Icon" as is often said about artists today. 
     Anyway, TCM produced a show called "Cary Grant: A Class Apart."  In that show his early background was explained.  Well, I grew up very poor and my mother, if you'll forgive me for saying so, was also very mentally disturbed.  And I've had to pull myself up from my boot straps and succeed in life entirely on my own as well.  As one man to another, I found out it was empathy on an unconscious level that made Mr. Grant impact on my psyche so powerfully from an early age in my life.  And in my heart I feel that if Mr. Grant had the benefit of a good cultural college education such as I received he would have been more fulfilled earlier in life regarding his relationships with women. 
     And as a fatherless man myself, I would have been most proud to have had Cary Grant as my father, and not because he was famous.  But because as a human being he would have been a wonderful example for a young boy to look up to.  Indeed, as an older man now myself, he is still a wonderful example to look up to.  On or off screen.
     I thank God we have all had the great good fortune that Cary Grant became a great and famous film artist.

Thank you, sorry I rambled,
Drew W.

April 7, 2006

Name:  Victor Colon
State/Country:  North Carloina/USA
Favorite Movie:  Philadelphia Story
Comments:  It's good to know there are others like me that can't get enough of Cary Grant.  What else is there to say but he was "Hollywood".

March 31, 2006

Name: Karl Adkins
State/Country: Arizona
Favorite Movie: Bringing Up Baby
Comments: You have by far the best Cary Grant website. Because of the large inventory of lobby cards and photos on your site, I have become a lobby card fanatic and sit at the computer for hours trying to find rare cards for those hard-to-find early Cary movies. Through your site, I was able to contact Cheryl Trahan and order all of the Cary Grant movies that I didn't have. I spend so much time watching Cary movies and looking for Cary stuff on the computer that I must be a warbride. Does that make my wife a warbride widow?! Keep up the great work.

March 19, 2006

Name: Karon Smith
State/Country: MS/U.S.A

March 19, 2006

Name: megen
State/Country: usa
Favorite Movie: notorious/charade/holiday/bringing up baby

I just wanted to share a story and thought it would be fun to be your first poster of 2006!

Dreaming of Cary...

I may be only 24 years old, and Cary Grant may no longer be with us....But OH how I love that man!

I had a dream last night that I was a very Audrey-Hepburn-like "character" and I'd been "poisoned" by someone in a hotel of some sort. The "poison" was this dust that he threw at me and it was supposed to paralyze me temporarily. Only he didn't have enough to get the full effect so while he was running back to get some more, I used all my strength to continue up the stairs and get away.

I found myself in a hallway of this hotel-like place, and I saw Cary Grant (looking very well dressed and dapper - sort of North-by-Northwest-like) walking towards me down the hall, and turning to enter a room. Only it was like a movie, so it wasn't "Cary" - but whatever "character" he was...I believe I kept calling him Clint. I dragged myself into his room...we didn't know each other, but he took it upon himself to try to protect me from whoever was after me.

We tried to flee the hotel together - he left me by myself for a bit in a room (on a ship maybe?) and I was afraid, but then he showed up in "disguise" - he was dressed very casually in a sort of smoking jacket/robe. Unfortunately we were eventually caught by the "captain" and his crew who were working with the bad guys...and then I woke up.

I wish I could remember more details of the dream but alas, no. But it was so cool! All day long I felt like I'd "spent the night" w/ Cary... ;)

March 16, 2006

Name:  Kina Pearce
State/Country:  Oregon--USA
Favorite Movie:  Charade
Comments:  I totally adore Cary Grant.  Thank you for having such a lovely site.

March 14, 2006

Name: Lori
State/Country: Idaho, USA
Favorite Movie: too many to list
Comments: I love the website and it has some great info on it. Keep up the good work!

March 6, 2006

Name: Gerry Lewis
State/Country: UK
Favorite Movie: Charade
Comments: A great Cary Grant resource. I'll be sure to add you to my bookmarks. Must have taken some time to assemble all this info. Well done!

March 1, 2006

Name:  Nathalie
State/Country:  Sweden
Favorite Movie:  An affair to remember
Comments:  I think your site is the best!
I love An affair to remember an the grass is greener with co-star Deborah Kerr.

February 16, 2006

Name:  Dean Wiese
State/Country:  Farmington, Utah USA
Favorite Movie:  To Catch a Thief
Comments:  I'm looking for a little help with a question, that I hope you can answer.  A group of friends were enjoying a night a violin and piano music and one the pieces played was called "Fiddles and Banjos" or "Banjos and Fiddles" something like that, and someone said that it was used in a Cary Grant movie.  Do you know which one?  I'm thinking it was "To Catch a Thief".

February 15, 2006

Name:  Carlotta Barnes
State/Country:  California
Comments:  Just wanted to send my appreciation for your Cary Grant site. Your site really helped recently when - at that point - I watched his films but wasn't an actual fan, I wanted an image of Cary Grant for my house since he's the soul of sophistication.

When I was looking to buy an 8x10 inch photo, I didn't know I'd wind up with a 3 by 4 feet painting instead! I bought a giant oil painting that - it was said - came from an estate sale in a fancier part of LA. I was searching for the source of the image, and I found that the painting is a perfect rendition of the second picture on page 2 of your Cary portraits.

It amazes everyone who walks into the entryway, and I enjoy seeing their reactions. Cary Grant truly is an eternal classic.

Now to email gardening pals about that Cary Grant rose you mention on your site - they'll definitely want that (and so do I)!

February 7, 2006

State/Country:  Illinois
Favorite Movie:  INDISCREET
Comments:  Perfection.  Good looking.  An air of sophistication.  Wonderful comic personality. 

Has IT all.

February 6, 2006

Name: Kelda 
Comments: Firstly, I love your page. Have just spent a couple of hours happily ambling through it. I also have a (admittedly rather tenuous) meeting Cary Grant story. I don't have many details but will aim to get a couple more when I go home. Apparently my ex-art teacher (told you it was tenuous) met Mr. Grant at an opening for an exhibition he did. Very reassuringly he was a perfect gentleman and still came over as an impressive personality (he was quite old at this time).
Not a fabulous story, I admit, but quite sweet all the same.
Miss Roe
ps. just for humour, you may already have noticed this, but Grant's Grandmother in An affair to remember strongly resembles an automated doll seen in shop windows at Christmas at the point where she is playing the piano. Watched in slow-motion it can give hours of hilarity.

January 30, 2006

Name: Zhangyun
State/Country: China
Favorite Movie: "Houseboat"-"Mr. Blandings..." ETC.
Comments:  Hi Debbie, very glad to meet you!  In fact, I had found this amazing website two years ago, but obviously I paid little attention to the guest book. All my attention has been paid to these fabulous content. Today is Mr. Grant's 102th birthday, I come again and find the guest book is interesting, with so many fans all over the world. And I decide to leave my name here, too.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MR GRANT!!  We'll always love you!

January 18, 2006

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