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December 2000 - January 2000

Name:  Sabrina Porath
State/Country:  Idaho
Favorite Movie:  An Affair to Remember, Mr. Lucky
Comments: I was most curious to see if my grandmother's movie, Mr. Lucky was listed on your site. I of course voted for her as #1 co star. Of all Laraine's movies  I have always liked Mr. Lucky because of Cary Grant. This is a wonderful site. Thank you, Sabrina, (from the original movie, of course)

December 28, 2000

Name:  Jesica Singer
State/Country:  Colorado/USA
Favorite Movie:  Charade
Comments: My boyfriend knows that I love Cary Grant. So he did his homework and ordered his movies.  He sporadically gives me a couple movies at a time.  He still is working on it.  I got four more for Christmas.  I think my collection consist of around 3/4 of his movies.

December 27, 2000

Name:  Diane Millward
State/Country:  Nashua, New Hampshire
Favorite Movie:  Arsenic and Old Lace
Comments:   There will never be any one who could ever take his place because of his charisma and fantastic way he came across in all his movies.  I love him dearly to this day and always will. Whenever I see a movie of his is going to be on I make sure that I watch it even if it's my 4th or 10th time. He was a natural at what he did and I loved his expressions and his humor.  I truly miss him.  What else can I say that I'm glad we have the choice to go out and buy all his movies.  Thank you A dedicated fan, Diane Millward.

December 23, 2000

Name:  Michelle
State/Country:  California
Favorite Movie:  Too many to name just one.
Comments:  Hi, I am 41 years old and have been a Cary Grant fan as long as I can remember. I love everything I have ever seen him in. But, my big problem is that I can't ever remember the names of the movies. I've never been any good at that, and I almost never know the names of his co-stars. So I have a hard time finding movies. One of my favorites is the one where he has a couple of kids and then he adopts a couple of troubled kids. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. I would love to add it to my movie collection though. Could you help?

December 9, 2000

Name:  Barbara Amott
State/Country:  UT/USA
Favorite Movie:  An Affair To Remember
Comments:   AATR is the perfect movie--the music, story, and of course Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  PBS  has  finally  shown it; I now have multiple copies and even edited my favorite scenes from the movie.  I've watched it so many times, I've memorized the dialogue.  I also have caught subtle inferences by seeing it so many times.  There are also many parallels in the movie and premonitions.  I also was able to get the video that was put out on Cary Grant.  Thanks for your wonderful informative website.  Keep up the good work.

November 29, 2000

Name:  Agostina
State/Country:  Italy
Favorite Movie:  The Bishop's wife and all others
Comments: You helped me to appreciate more and more the actor that he was and will always be.  I have never had the chance to say thanks to you Debbie, for you beautiful site
God bless you.  Ago

November 25, 2000

Name:  Zelicia Newsome
State/Country:  Kentucky/ USA
Favorite Movie:  Every Girl Should Be Married, In Name Only and Of Course An Affair to Remember
Comments: Finding and reading your wonderful site has given me renewed energy in collecting movies and memorabilia. You will be hearing from me!!  I have been a Cary Grant fan for a couple of years now, but I really had no idea there were so many die hard fans still around. I am just getting started in collecting the movies and was astounded that anyone could have all 72 movies. I'm very impressed! Other Cary Grant fans can expect to be hearing from me soon!!!!

November 7, 2000

Name:  Jill Powers
State/Country:  Iowa/US
Favorite Movie:  How can I choose? I love them all!
Comments: My first Cary Grant movie was "Arsenic and Old Lace." I saw it in a high school literature class. I've been hooked ever since!
And I'll never forget the teacher who introduced me to this wonderful actor. THANK YOU FOR THIS WEB PAGE!!!

November 7, 2000

Name:  Phillip Groombridge
State/Country:  England
Favorite Movie:  Father Goose, Philadelphia, To Catch a Thief
Comments: Just watched Operation Petticoat on TV with the kids, a great family film, we all enjoyed it.

Spur'd me on to search for Cary on the Net....that lead me here...a great site, Thank you.

November 5, 2000

Name:  De Bush
State/Country:  Arizona
Favorite Movie:  Arsenic & Old Lace
Comments: You have done a fantastic job putting this site together! Thanks for being a computer literate Cary Grant Fan.

October 21, 2000

State/Country:  OHIO/USA

October 19, 2000

Name:  D. Inouye
State/Country: California
Favorite Movie:  An Affair to Remember
Comments: Thank you for having this site and sharing such in-depth information.  My husband and I watched An Affair to Remember on the local PBS channel last Saturday night with a quiet fire burning.  The end had us both in tears.  Wonderful movie.  Wish "Hollywood" knew how to make such movies these days - with such human insight and feeling and no violence or profanity.  I am wondering if such moviemaking is indeed a
lost art.  Thanks again for having this site. 

October 16, 2000

Name:  Vinny Mallardi
State/Country:  South Carolina/USA
Favorite Movie:  All of them, particularly "Houseboat"
Comments: Wonderful site full of interesting and useful information. I'm glad to have found it

October 16, 2000

Name:  Tiffany
State/Country:  California
Favorite Movie:  Like everyone else said it IS very hard to decide. But the one I enjoy a lot is The Philadelphia Story and Notorious.
Comments: Debbie,                        
I am 16 years old. I love Cary Grant. He is everything a man should be. There will be no one who could replace such a wonderful person. I do not own all his movies, but someday I know I will. Seeing his movies makes me hope that somewhere there are men like him. A HUGE fan! 

October 9, 2000

Name:  Tawnya
State/Country:  USA
Favorite Movie:  An Affair to Remember
Comments: This site is great.  I love Cary Grant movies!!  Cary Grant was the definition for tall dark and handsome.  He was great.  Thank you.

October 7, 2000

Name:  Mercedes Drummond
State/Country:  Delaware/USA
Favorite Movie:  An Affair to Remember, Penny Serenade, Philadelphia, Indiscreet, or just about every movie I've with CG in it.
Comments:  Awesome!  I am a young person who likes musicals and Cary Grant movies.  I like some other classics, also.  I just wanted you to know this site is awesome!

October 5, 2000

Name:  Philip Andrew.Campbell.Tippins,Registered Nurse(London/GB).
State/Country:  Bristol, Nr:Hofield,England, (GB).
Favorite Movie:  "All of them"
Comments:  I am from Bristol/born, (Horfield, Wesburry-on-Tyrme,GB.), Where Cary Grant was from/born, Horfield is about 3miles from the City Centre of Bristol, I work with a Nurse who cared/nursed Cary Grants mother, in Bristol. There is a large restaurant/diner in Centre of Bristol, named after Cary, (it's next to a actors playhouse), Cary Grant is Very famous, and Very well liked in the UK/GB, his films are on tv most weeks.  Keep up the good work, by keeping this site for Cary Grant.
Phil, (Bristol/Horfield/GB);
Cary  was  a  true "Gentleman" .

September 18, 2000

Name:  Sue Wilkinson
State/Country:  Ca/USA
Favorite Movie:  People Will Talk 
Comments:  George Clooney - a modern day Cary Grant?  No way!  Not in a million reincarnations.  There will never be anyone even close.  Loved him in the Philadelphia Story, Holiday, That Touch of Mink, and so many more.  But there was a special tenderness, and masculine appeal in People Will Talk.  I'll never get over him. 

September 9, 2000

Name:  Jennifer DeRose
Favorite Movie:  Holiday
Comments:  I just started reading  "Cary Grant - A Class Act".  It reminds me once again why he really is "all that and a bag of chips"  What more can be said about him.  He was the best!

September 6, 2000

Name:   Tracy
State/Country:  Kansas USA
Favorite Movie:  Philidelipha, An Affair To Remember ,  Houseboat, its hard to choose .Everyone I've seen I have really enjoy.
Comments:  I first saw An Affair To Remember on AMC TV. Got in the middle of the movie and I was hooked. I went out and brought the video. From then on every time one of CG's movies was on I had to watch. I now have roughly 35 of his movies and on the look out for more. I just ordered Crisis, Room for One More, and Madame Butterfly from Roberts Hard to find video. Thanks to your site.

 I'm 30 yrs old and I just can't get enough of Cary's movies or books about him. I'm in the middle of the book Evenings with Cary Grant Recollections in his own words and those who knew him best. It is by Nancy Nelson.

My family doesn't understand why I am so fascinated with Cary Grant.  I can't explain it to them there is just something about him that draws me to watch him on the screen and to read and learn more about him.

If anyone would like to talk about CG and his movies please E-mail me at KCBUTHEAD@MSN.COM . I can't talk to my family or friends about him. They don't get. Like true Cary Grant fans do.

September 5, 2000

Name:  Ilse Maria Moraes Rego
State/Country:  Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Favorite Movie:  An Affair to Remember
Comments:  I have no comments to explain my admiration for Cary.. My collection is almost complete with his movies and photos.  All films are perfect, but my favorite is An Affair to Remember.. That I'll bring in my heart forever..  Thanks for the opportunity to sign your golden guest book..

August 30, 2000

Name:  Donna
State/Country:  California, USA
Favorite Movie:  That touch of mink, and so many more!!!
Comments:  I have read all of the comments on the website and feel the same about Cary Grant as all of you do. I'm 42 and feel as if I was born loving this man. He has brought such enjoyment to my life and I will always be grateful. I would love to hear from his fans if willing to write. Thanks for a wonderful place to visit and remember.

August 20, 2000

Name:  Audrey
Comments:  I'm a huge Cary Grant fan, and really enjoyed your site, especially your pictures from the movie Holiday. Your site must have taken lots of research and effort.

Nice Job!

August 10, 2000

Name:  Alexandra Mortimore
State/Country:  Peterborough/ England
Favorite Movie:  All of them
Comments:  This is the best Cary Grant sight on the net. lots of great information about our wonderful Cary Grant. Its really nice to know that there are people out there who are as keen on Cary as I am (and when I say keen I mean crazy about him).

His films make me so happy. I can't really explain it.

July 28, 2000

Name:  Graca
State/Country:  MD, USA
Favorite Movie:  Bringing Up Baby
Comments:  I do believe that this is one of the best pages dedicated to an actor that I've ever seen.  Of course, my opinion might be swayed by my love for Cary Grant.  But I wanted to say how much I love the quotes that are put with the pictures from the movies.  And
what awesome pics!!!  Way to go! 

July 28, 2000

Name:  Ed Mellott
Comments:  I am writing this message to thank you for a very nice and helpful site which features the work of Cary Grant.  I have always loved Operation Petticoat and Father Goose, and I had seen some others as well, but was largely unaware of the rich film- ography out there.  Just last night I watched, for the first time in my life, Dream Wife, and was thoroughly entertained.  I had specially ordered the title through Suncoast and waited two weeks for it to arrive. It was worth the wait.
I now have 25 of his movies in my library, and intend to add more as they
are found.  Your page has helped me to know what is out there to be had.

July 15, 2000

Name: Bartholomew
State/Country: uk

Favorite Movie: Virtually every single one
Comments:  Great reading so many nice things about such a talented actor, who was, quite rare in the industry, a genuine gentleman. I would love to have met Cary Grant - my father knew him very well, their music hall connections being extremely strong.

All the best with your page

July 8, 2000

Name: Ronda
State/Country: Illinois

Favorite Movie: Way too many to name!
Comments:  I've been a Cary Grant fan for as long as I can remember.  Even as a teenager I couldn't get enough of his movies.  I recently remarried and my husband has been doing his best to get as much info as he can for me.  (He always respected Mr. Grant as an actor).  I had no idea how I was going to figure out all the names of his movies.  I've just now started to collect what I could find.  They're  actually quite difficult to come by.  "Topper" isn't even in publication to my knowledge.  I must say that this web page is outstanding, and greatly appreciated.  I just gotta mention also..I have a beautiful black and white painting in my dining room of Mr. Grant that I have over a refinished old tombstone radio.  (I think that's what it's called..) I saw it at an Art Gallery and I couldn't leave without it.  It definitely belongs here.  :-)  

June 21, 2000

Name: Olga Matos
Florida USA
Favorite Movie: Houseboat, Arsenic and Lace
Comments:  I have always been a Cary Grant fan.  But did not realized until now how many of his movies I have not seen.  I have recently become disabled and was talking with my husband about what to do with my spare time, now that I do not work outside the home.  He suggested that I try and find all of Mr. Grant's movies to watch and hopefully own. I went on a search on the web and found your wonderful site.  Now I have a list of his movies, and will begin the renting process tomorrow.  Those that I can not rent I will try to find and buy.  You truly have a wonderful site and I expect to come back to it often.  Thank you for bringing a smile and some good time to someone that needed very bad.

June 15, 2000

Name: Cristy
Comments:  Your site has been very helpful, I didn't realize just how many movies CG actually made. I have to say that I hope to own hem all one day.  Thanks for your website.

June 15, 2000

Name: Lynnsey
State/Country: Los Angeles
Favorite Movie:  Holiday, N BY NW
Comments:  A couple months ago I was lucky enough to attend the Billy Wilder tribute at the Academy Theater. Tony Curtis was one of the guests who spoke, and he told a wonderful story about his role is Wilder's "Some Like It Hot". Just in case anyone isn't familiar with the film, Curtis plays his female role AND the role of Marilyn Monroe's suitor, a suave, sophisticated playboy who sounds VERY much like someone impersonating Cary Grant. Curtis told the Wilder tribute audience the imitation was a conscious effort on his part, "because Cary was the epitome of class and cool". So after the "Some Like It Hot" premiere, Curtis said he approached Grant and told him, "Cary, I patterned that character after you",  to which Grant answered in HIS best Cary Grant accent, "I don't talk like that!" (It really WAS funny when Tony Curtis told the story).

#2: Apparently the stories of Mr. Grant being rather tight with a dollar are Hollywood legend. I was at a screening of "North By Northwest" and Martin Landau was the guest speaker. In that film Grant's only wardrobe was that single suit (the one he had the vall-lett sponge off), while Landau wore a parade of custom-tailored designer suits. The two actors were roughly the same height and weight, and at the end of filming Grant apparently arranged to take home all the suits Landau wore. Also, Landau good-naturedly told the audience about lunching with Grant and James Mason every day at the commissary, and how the only time Grant reached for the check was to announce, "it's Friday, that means we go Dutch." Mr. Landau certainly intended no malice, and the theater full of Grant fans thoroughly enjoyed the stories.  They were all told in a good-natured way and helped me understand and enjoy Mr. Grant and his work that much more.

May 16,  2000

Name: Carolina H.
Favorite Movie:  To Catch a Thief
This is a great site. Cary Grant is definitely my favorite actor of all time. He has always brought greatness to his movies.

May 4, 2000

Name: Tina Corbin
State/Country: MD/USA

Favorite Movie: The Bishop's Wife-An Affair to Remember-The Philadelphia Story (can't decide)
Comments:  I love warbrides and I love your site.  I can now have 2 wonderful sites to go to.  You have done great work here and will be of great help to me completing my Cary video collection.  Keep up the great work!!

May 2, 2000

Name: Ariane
Favorite Movie: I have lots...can't choose
Comments:  I visit this site the most...and the Sound Gallery is the main reason.  This is a great site!!!!!!

April 30, 2000

Name: Hadar
State/Country: Israel

Favorite Movie: Bringing Up Baby
Comments:  I just love him.  He's such a clever and sophisticated actor.  It's a pleasure watching him act.

April 21, 2000

Name: Anna
State/Country: New York, USA

Favorite Movie: Phildelphia Story & Holiday
Comments:  Without the page owner's consent I'm writing this entry.....Debbie is probably the nicest person I've ever met on the internet. I'm proud to say that I have assisted in her obtaining the goal of "72" In a very small way, I think it was two of them. However, for those of us that love the man, she has helped us come to know and love him more by giving us a chance to obtain those movies that we don't presently own. I only know her through the "Warbrides" website, thank you ZoŽ. She has helped me to appreciate the actor that he was and will always be. I have never had the chance to say thanks Debbie, but this, in part, is still my small way.


PS I still love the way he says Anna in Indiscreet :o}

April 7, 2000


Favorite Movie: Too many to list
Comments:  I grew up watching classic movies. Even before when it was referred to as B/W. Cary Grant has been a favorite since I first saw him.  Have been collecting all his movies and now looking at collecting them on DVD. That is if they are out there. My favorite scene would have to be " Cary in a nightclub scene looks up pans the room, slips his hand in his pocket pulls out a cig and lighter. performs that look and then lights the cig, then puts the lighter back into his pocket. Whoa what style.  
Great job on the web site.
Thanks, Mike

April 1, 2000

Name:  Connie
Comments:  Since watching a special on Cary Grant last night & realizing how much I love his movies, I decided I was going to stary collecting them.  I've never been a collector of anything in my life, but I adore his acting.  I stumbled onto your web site & I'm hooked.
Thanks for the info.

March 29, 2000

Name: Melanie
State/Country: California/USA

Favorite Movie: Arsenic and Old Lace
Comments:  I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your site.  I also am a huge Cary Grant fan.  I have been a fan since I was about 10 years old.  I am trying to collect as many Cary Grant movies as I can.  Your info was helpful.  Thanks.  I am glad to see there are so many poeple out there who admire the greatest actor to ever live.

March 29, 2000

Name: Joyce
Favorite Movie: The Bishops Wife/In Name Only
I absolutely adore this man. They just don't make them like him anymore. Such class, so sincere, so kind and so very talented.  I love to watch his comedic side as well as the dramatic side of this fabulous man. The facial expressions and that voice is definitely one of a kind.

He has got to be the most beloved and respected person that Hollywood has ever had the pleasure to have.  He is truly what the movies are all about.

I now have 35 of his movies and getting more and more every week.

I tip my hat to you Mr. Grant!!!

March 27, 2000

Name: Sergio
I have to say that I have literally landed into what seems to be a virtual gold mine of Cary Grant information.  Second to you, I am probably the biggest Cary Grant fan ever.  My love for him is relatively new...about 2 years now when I discovered him in an Alfred Hitchcock Autuer Theory class. After watching Notorious, North by Northwest, and To Catch A Thief, I knew who my role model would be.  Now, as I set my sites on graduate acting classes, I am continuously seeking to learn more and more about this man,  and his style of acting, which I find completely engrossing.  He is a man so refined, so debonair...so timeless, yet his method of acting is becoming more and more lost.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating a site like this and believe me, I will be visiting it constantly.  I already have it as a link on my desktop.  You rock!  Have you yet to read Cary Grant:   A Class Apart by Graham McHann?  One of the better Cary Grant biographies, but of course, you have his AUTOBIOGRAPHY.  So cool!  Thanks again!

March 22, 2000

Name: Bob
Hello, I just came upon your website and just wanted to thank you for the fine job. I've been a Cary Grant fan my whole life [what 40 something guy isn't] I find the movies he made to be very entertaining and I've noticed the ones in my video library that get watched over and over again are Cary movies. I'm now in the process of up grading to DVD and I wish the  companies would get off the pot and release more of his films on DVD. Again thanks for the hard work you've put in to your site it has helped me a lot and I've had fun there..........

March 20, 2000

Name: Nanetta Barrett
State/Country: Indiana

Favorite Movie: An Affair to Remember
ts hard to say just one. I love them all. He is my all time favorite actor. I have a few of his movies, but I hope that some day I can have all.  He is great in everything he does. I have about 6 or so is all.  I never did know all that he made. I'm so glad I found this web sight about him, its great. Thank you so much.

March 18, 2000

Name: Tonnie Grunhard
State/Country: Georgia

Favorite Movie: All
Comments:  I
am a huge Cary grant fan.  I love every movie he ever did.  We were fortunate (women) to have such a gorgeous man to adore.  I have told my husband many many times that Cary Grant is the most gorgeous man to have ever graced this planet.  It's a good thing my husband looks a lot like him.  Thank you for having this site I have really enjoyed myself.

March 18, 2000

Name: Melanie
Favorite Movie: The Awful Truth
I think Cary is the best actor ever.  The movie The Awful Truth is the funniest movie I have ever watched.  I have probably seen it at least 10 times and I laugh out loud every time.  It is hard to pick out the funniest part in this movie since it has so many, but I believe it is when he goes to Armand's thinking he will find his wife in Armand's arms only to find her singing in front of a room of people.  He's finds a seat in the back and leans back and the chair slips out from under him.  You just have to see it!  I'm laughing now as I type this!  It's HILARIOUS!!!

March 14, 2000

Name: Laura
Hi Debbie. I am so thrilled to know that there is someone left in the world that has as much appreciation for the classics as I do. I am 18 years old and since I first saw my first classic movie, Philadelphia, I have been in love with them. Cary is my favorite. I just cant tell you how much I enjoyed your site and cant wait to see your updates. You did a wonderful job, and I can tell your heart is in it.  Sincerely, Laura

February 18, 2000

Name: Robert S. Panico
Hello Debbie,  I was thinking about you the last week of so and I FINALLY took out the time to send you an E-Mail. First off, I hope all is well with you and 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' if I haven't said it to you yet. I would say "Have a Prosperous and Good Hunting for the COMPLETE Cary Collection on Video But.....SMILE! I just got 2 more of my [LAST TEN] from Bruce Rudesill who has been wonderful in helping me with about 15 of the 'Never Released' Movies. I just got "This is the Night" and "Sinners in the Sun". Both of them were really good quality. Bruce told me that he was going to drop you a line, have you heard from him yet? We are both at the exact to the TTT as far as finishing our Complete 72 Cary Movies! We both need the following , in no particular order: One-Madame Butterfly, Two-Gambling Ship, Three-Born to be Bad, Four-Kiss and Make Up, Five-Ladies Should Listen, Six-Wedding Present, Seven-When Your in Love, and last but not least, Eight-Enter Madame!!!! So, after those I can FINALLY be a 72 Speakeasy Member. [I Think?] Thanks for listening Debbie. and remember, You were the 1st person who made me aware of something that I never knew while I was going into every Video Store, Music Store, Book Stores, etc. That "I could not find those Older Cary Films because they where never released on Video."! But you did tell me the Good News ," That there are people who have those movies and also they sell them". Which brought me to Bruce who was Wonderful to Do Business With! So , in closing., I just want to say THANX AGAIN and I will contact you when I finish off my collection with Peter Hawke, who also has been good in responding to my letters. I will talk to you soon. Oh , I forgot to tell you that I bought every Cary Grant DVD at Tower Records in Boston with the help from another Cary Fan, Dana Duffy! You may pass this news around if you like. The following C.G. DVD's that I have purchased [without having a DVD Player] are, The Philadelphia Story, Only Angels have Wings [AWESOME PACKAGING], Father Goose and That Touch of Mink [in a specially priced CARY GRANT Collection @ in 1] Box, Charade [The Criterian-Kind if Expensive ] Version, His Girl Friday/also a 70 minute Biography [Low-Priced], The Bishop's Wife, I'm No Angel [from what I hear is getting hard to get], Penny Serenade [The $9.99 Special priced one like the video], and Penny Serenade [ A Beautifully Packaged Copy for $7.99 ]and Suspicion. The ones that the studios are 'So Called' releasing are : Gunga Din, An Affair to Remember, North by Northwest and Bringing up Baby. Hope that helped you or anyone else out. Its better to buy them now if you do not own a DVD Player. Because, just like Videos, they will go 'Out of Print'! Thanx for Listening Debbie. From your Friend from Boston, Robert. God Bless.... RSPHEVEN@AOL.COM

February 15, 2000

Name: Julie
State/Country: Chippenham, Wilts.UK.
Favorite Movie: All of them!!!
Comments: Cary Grant is wonderful!!!   He oozes charm. His films are real gems and very watchable. No one comes close. He's simply No.1!!

February 6, 2000

Name: Frank
State/Country: New York
Favorite Movie: North by Northwest
Comments: I have managed to acquire or tape 40 of Cary's movies. I have also an extensive collection of his lobby cards. My goal is to own one from each of his movies. My most prized piece is a autographed picture.

February 6, 2000

Name: Christine
Debbie,  I just wanted to write and tell you that your website is wonderful! You have the best Cary Grant pictures, and I'm thrilled about the links to the hard to find movies! I think Cary Grant was such a great actor and a very handsome man. There are no leading men around like him anymore!! Thanks for sharing your great pics and info with us!

February 6, 2000

Name: Elizabeth Janovsky
State/Country: NYC/NY
Favorite Movie: Charade (maybe, but too hard to choose)
Comments: I'm so glad to know you're out there! I adore Cary Grant and am grateful for such a complete site devoted to him.   Thanks!

January 27, 2000

Name: Brian
Comments:  I had found your website while executing a search and wanted to tell you - nice job! I really thought it was good and well-put together. The other reason I was writing is that I have been looking for some time for the movie "Born to be Bad" (1934) on video. I saw that you had it referenced on the Cary Grant Video Source page, and was wondering if you knew if / where it might be available. Thanks for any help that you can give.

January 24, 2000

Name: Pia
State/Country: Canada
Favorite Movie: Affair to Remember, That Touch of Mink, Indiscreet, Suspicion
Comments: Where to begin darling ...
Well I have just started to collect, but I thought it wise to watch as many movies and learn as much as possible first.
Every movie I watch I fall more in love with the man.  Yes, that's right LOVE.   Cary just has a deep sexiness about him, a wonderful playful nature that under lines his romantic side.  If he does comedy, dramatic he is wonderful. His expressions are true and his love for movies is seen in everything that he does.    It is a shame that I didn't discover him earlier but I am making up for lost time.

January 21, 2000


Name: Amanda
State/Country: Ohio
Favorite Movie: People Will Talk
Comments: I love your site. Cary Grant was such a marvel on screen and he was not given nearly enough credit in his lifetime. It is good to see that he has such a devoted following now. And I absolutely adore him and his wonderful movies. You say that you own all 72 of his movies, but have you heard of a small movie he made in England called "The Amazing Adventure"? I have a book which names his 72 movies in the order he made them, and nowhere in that book could I find this title. However, I received "The Amazing Adventure" along with four of his other movies for Christmas. Please email me about this when you have time.

January 21, 2000

Name: Dorothy Calitri
New York, USA
Favorite Movie:
My Favorite Wife
It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who felt so much about Cary Grant.  I have at least 35 of his movies and always on the lookout for the rest.  Thanks for the information on getting the earlier movies. 

January 18, 2000

Name: Barbara
Comments: Debbie, What a treat this is....I fell in love with Cary Grant when I was about 11 and used to stay up watching old movies when I was babysitting in my neighborhood. I have no idea why I seem to be somewhat obsessed with him now!!!  Something about a significant birthday around the corner...I wish this had happened while he was still here...I would fly anywhere now to attend one of those Evenings With Cary Grant! I am taping all of his movies I can find on TV...a bit of pain.  Please tell me where I can buy them????I would also love to have at least one really good poster, from the late 50's or 60's. He did get better looking all the time!!!! Thank you again...what fun you must be having....Barbara

January 18, 2000

Name: Sam Wilson-Bavin
State/Country: Essex/England
Favorite Movie: The Grass Is Greener
Comments: Cary is so debonair/so amazingly attractive in every film I've seen him in - it's purely a physical thing (you may think it's shallow, but I can't help it).

January 2, 2000

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