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"You just can't have a bad time with great people."  -- Diane

Give someone just a little bit of power and WATCH OUT!!

Diane & Caren made up this entire game!  
Board, game pieces, questions and all!  
Thanks for helping, Gordon!  Wish you could have been with us!!   

"Now, on to April.  I have started looking for a cheese wheel to send to lil' Deb to go with her Whine and I will try to find one for you too...they say "whine and cheese" go good together.  And the answer is still "Heliograph"...not a light thing."  -- Diane

"Since I would definitely not be biased even though I was on April & Little Deb's (and our Fearless Leader's) team I must say that I do indeed think "a light thing" is a great description for a heliograph!  But I would never hold it against you for giving us all the HARD questions!  And even though I NEVER whined about the questions I do enjoy wine & cheese so don't forget me!  (Geez, it is lightning here and the sun is shining with no chance of rain - wonder why?)" -- Melanie

I guess this cheese hunting is going to be a real "jobie" (Name the film). 
-- Diane

"I KNOW!  I KNOW!  (Mel says with her armed stretched as far as she can in the air!)  Could it be To Catch A Thief, no wait that would be Robie!  Does that count?  It is close!"  -- Melanie

"Thirty Day Princess" -- Diane

"That's what I meant!  I was just checking to see if you knew it!! "
 -- Melanie

"I know - Lost April!"  -- April

"Why did I know you were going to say that" -- Diane

"Because I am lost?"  -- April

Little Deb ALWAYS knew the answers ... to everyone else's questions!

And way back in the corner, where no one was paying us any attention ... The Winners!!!

Aileen, VDeb, Sandy & Jason

"After the party Aileen, Sarah and Graham and I experimented with hardcore jelly beans. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds now makes sense to me, but my tummy will never be the same."  -- Jenny

     Enter Madame   
           That Touch of Drink
                        An Éclair to Remember  

    The Philadelphia Cream Cheese Story    
          Merrily We Go to Hill
                The All Full Truth
                        This is the Sights
                                Gunga Dinner
                                        The Late, Late, Late Show
                                               CaryTrivial Pursuit

The List Outpost

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