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Capitol Hills Arts Workshop

I discovered the Capitol Hills Arts Workshop over a year ago!  When it was decided that CV2001 was to be held in Washington, D.C., I immediately called CHAW and made plans for a film festival here. The folks at CHAW were wonderful!

The Blackbox Theater at CHAW

What movies to watch?!  

I was able to rent "Singapore Sue" for just a couple of dollars, so I figured, "Why not!"  If you think SS is stinky on your dinky little television, it is a major PU on the big screen!!  How in the world did anyone see potential in this young actor?!  And those eyebrows!!  I didn't know a person could have so many muscles in his forehead!!  Archie Leach obviously learned a few eyebrow acrobatics while with the Pender Troupe!! 

Selfishly, I wanted everyone to see one of the rare, old ones.  "Kiss & Make Up" is a favorite of mine.  It's so, SO silly!  If the roars of laughter were any indication, everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot.  "Corned Beef and Cabbage, I Love You!" 

John Stone, about "Kiss & Make Up" - 
"Where has this movie been all my life?!"

Everyone voted last fall for the second movie we'd see.  "My Favorite Wife" was the winner, with "The Awful Truth" a close second.  When John Stone, CHAW program coordinator for 'Films on the Hill,' told me that he had a nice 16mm copy of "The Awful Truth" we could use at no cost, "The Awful Truth" became our #1 choice!  

Caren & Cheryl
Little Deb brought Little Debbie snacks for intermission.

Aileen, Tina Corbin, Gladys, Ronnie, & Emee.
Snack time!

Little Debbie snacks & apples, too!

Tina Corbin, Gladys, Ronnie, LeeAnn, Caren

"I've always thought Cary was handsome, but seeing him on the big screen was breathtaking.  What a fabulously gorgeous man."  -- VDeb

"Saturday was a total triumph. The movies were great. The Warbrides took over the CHAW and made watching Kiss and Make Up and the Awful Truth a riotous event. Kiss and Make Up was worth the trip for me. Seeing a really great CG movie that I'd never seen before with the warbrides, on the big screen was one of the biggest thrills ever for me."  -- Jenny

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