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Screen Album - August 1963; pg 36

The Richest Man in the World

Cary GrantNever mind the fortune (upwards of ten million dollars which he will not mention).  To really rich people he isn't wealthy, he says.  So there.  But who measures wealth in terms of money - except very poor people?

A man who can say on his 60th birthday (Jan. 18, 1964) that "every day is a birthday to me!" is very rich indeed.  According to him he was impossible to live with until he was 40, didn't appreciate living until he was 55 and has only recently begun to feel that he has a real future ahead of him.  He has, too.  That is the marvel of Cary Grant.

"I used to apologize," he says, "for every little thing I said or did, or hadn't said or done, or forgotten to say, etc.; I used to apologize for living.  Now I've given it up - I mean apologizing, not living: I've only just started that."

He is still waiting for the perfect woman to come along, the one who'll become the mother of his children.  He may even have found her in 26-year-old Dyan Cannon.  But that's the catch.  When people ask him if he's going to marry her he says, "She's 26 and I'm 60."  It's just a technicality.  To Dyan it's laughable to think of him as 60.  Nobody does.  (This year a teenage magazine took a poll of its teenage readers and discovered that Cary is overwhelmingly their favorite male star.)  It was Dyan who celebrated his birthday with him.  He flew to Chicago because that's where she was, in a stage production of How To Succeed In Business, etc., etc. (then later she left the cast to return to Los Angeles to be with him).  He also paid for the mink coat someone swiped from her hotel room!  

But he was always a generous man.  Even his ex-wives still love him.  He is the best living example of the wonders of psychiatric treatment through LSD.  And what he learned as a result is available to everyone.  "I learned that no one else was keeping me unhappy but me; that I could whip myself better than any guy in the joint."  He learned that "in life there is no end to getting well.  Perhaps death itself is the end to getting well.  Or, if you prefer to think as I do, the beginning of being well."  

He takes good care of himself.  He eats a little, sleeps enough, goes swimming and horseback riding.  He loves.  And in spite of a hectic schedule, he always finds time for frequent visits to his aging mother who lives in Bristol, England.  

Recently he confided that he was seriously thinking of returning to the land of his birth to settle down and enjoy his old age peacefully and quietly.  But that may not happen for a while.  

Old age and Cary just don't seem to go together.  Besides he has commitments that will take at least another three years to fulfill.  By that time, a trade paper revealed, Cary should be the richest actor in the world.  Most people think he's that already - in more ways than one.

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